7E Character Creation

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7E Character Creation

Post by orangefruitbat » Sun Jan 24, 2016 7:17 pm

I'm getting ready to kickoff a WWC campaign (aiming for a 50:50 ratio on the Pulp/Purist spectrum) with new players and am thinking about using the 7E rules. It shouldn't be hard to convert over the WWC materials to the new ruleset, but I am thinking about reducing the number of bonus skill points that WWC chapters get. I do want my players to have broadly-competent SOE characters, but in my mind, all the extra WWC skill points were intended to offset the need to divide points between all the various firearms, hand-to-hand combat and stealth skills. But in 7E, the skill list has been collapsed somewhat, and I'm worried that the new investigators will end up being unbelievably competent (it's still CoC, so I would never call characters "overpowered").

In the WWC books, investigators gain:
+50 skill points its from their Nationality choice
+40 skill points from their Upbringing choice
+ 200 to 280 skill points for their Personality Style choice
+100 skill points for their Military Service choice
potentially a small number of Occult or Cthulhu mythos skill points from their initial mythos experience.
+5 to 10 points for their Reason for Joining
+50 to 60 points for their Additional Training.

I do like the process as it does make for a nicely flushed-out character, but it really seems like a lot of points. I'm leaning towards either reducing or possibly eliminating the Personality Style skill points. Does this seem like a reasonable solution? Is anybody else running WWC with 7E, and have a different solution? Should I just not worry about it, since they'll all be eaten by tenable things anyways?

Finally, since I'm hoping this campaign will eventually extend beyond the War, does anybody know what the character creation rules will be like in the Cold War book?

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Re: 7E Character Creation

Post by Hermes Serpent » Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:15 am

I'm sure that someone knows what the CWC generation rules will be. They are not likely to reveal them here though.

I'd leave the points as-is because the splitting of points between various combat skills usually doesn't happen that much. No-one says I'll split my points for combat skills equally across H-t-H and shooting type skills they focus them on say handgun and SMG or HG and Rifle with a side order of fist. I never put points into grapple or head or kick for a pre-gen character and always leave them at base unless there is an in-game reason for doing so and I've run a lot of con games with WWC.

Hand Gun gets about 30-40 percent total as close range doubles the skill (6e) or makes the test Easy (7e) making more points a waste. SMG get's about the same as with full auto (6e) and the extra difficulty levels (7e) the actual roll needed is lowered by a lot (multiple targets/dodging and cover). I put the extra points (over 1920's adventurers) into useful skills like first aid and the interpersonal skills of academic skills. The military training that SOE agents got was concentrated and the players having a few points extra always comes in handy and anyway shooting Mythos creatures never works out out well.
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Re: 7E Character Creation

Post by orangefruitbat » Thu Jan 28, 2016 5:14 pm

OK. I think I will use the RAW, but maybe cap starting skill values at 80% (to keep characters from overspecializing).

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