Victoriana Girl Genius

A world of adventure in an age of sorcery and steam. Join the fight against the enemies of Queen and Empire. Battle ancient evils, uncover sinister plots, and root out predators stalking the cobble-stoned streets. Your tools are arcane magics, steam-driven marvels, and a stiff upper lip. Learn more at our website:
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Victoriana Girl Genius

Post by ZenoForce88 » Sun May 28, 2017 4:36 am

I've recently been re-reading the Girl Genius webcomic from the beginning, and it got the cogs turning in my head, about running a game of Victoriana in that setting. The Various races and what not seem fairly straight forward to adapt with all the species available in Victoriana as is, but one thing is stumping me....Sparks.

For those who don't know, Sparks are essentially mad Scientist. Able to create impossible marvels seemingly on instinct, with them getting only better with an actual education. Additionally the time it seems to take them to build these marvels seems to be only limited by what tools and materials they have on hand, with some very complex things, such as super advanced Automata(Robots) taking only hours, even to someone without any formal education.

As seemingly any sentient being can be a Spark, I figure it would be best to make it into a Talent that can only be taken at character creation. Sense there seems to be different levels of "Sparkyness" possibly ranked. What I come to this forum to ask is help in figuring out the cost of the Talent(rather it should be standard, or higher) and what the talent actually gives. In order to present what we see in the Webcomic, while also being balanced so as to not to heavily overshadow any Non-Spark characters.

I would be very grateful if anyone could aid me in this endeavor.

EDIT: I actually forgot that Sparks also seem to have some type of natural charisma which causes people to be more inclined to do what they want.

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Re: Victoriana Girl Genius

Post by knightofhagan » Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:52 am

You could house rule the Adept Artificer, Eureka, Greasy Thumbs, and They Thought You Were Mad! Talents so they can be taken multiple times.
This would give some mechanical differences between Sparks, and an obvious progression of power.
It gives Sparks a hug advantage over players not building marvels, which encourages the sort of mass marvel building you want, but it leaves lots of room for players without technical know-how to fill gaps.

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