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Combining Fate with celestial engine

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 2:36 pm
by Faethor
As Fate can do oodles of too many things, I thought about simplifying it by breaking it down between alignments, combining the celestial engine with fate points. I haven't looked into Order / Entropy "champions" or other effects as yet.

"Scripting dice" level effects have been lowered to 4 points as I don't allow excessive accumulation of fate and don't want to exclude sub-species from the fun.

(This is a work in progress, I have yet to integrate the other fate uses). Feel free to critique.


1 Fate point; Add an automatic success to a dice result prior to the roll.

4 Fate points; Reroll an action or effect roll (If roll is worse than original you can keep original roll).

Balance is simple, reliable and effective if lacking in any bells and whistles.


1 Fate point; Receive one point per cog of Order (in a pool), to boost failed dice results and create successes (which cannot explode).

4 Fate points; Adjust an element of the script (gm's approval).

Order encourages stability and provides intimate understanding and a degree of control over the "pattern".


1 Fate point. Roll 1 extra dice per cog of Entropy. It succeeds and explodes as a normal dice (I use 5 & 6 as successes) but acts like a black dice on a roll of 1.

4 Fate points; Miraculously save yourself from certain death (yet with likely lingering repercussions).

Entropy is powerful and thrilling yet retains its risk.

Re: Combining Fate with celestial engine

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 3:28 pm
by Faethor
Having discussed it with the players they seemed to like the idea, the reasons tied into the order/balance/entropy concept scanned (order of crystallization and pattern, Harmony keeping things "just so" and Entropy powerful but risky) - It was agreed that the original fate usage was too multi-purpose and unwieldy. They like the fact that shifting allegiance has an actual effect, as does pulling further away from balance.

I have kept the use of a fate point to prevent a wound, remain conscious or survive longer to any alignment , as well as the "double point proxy effects".

Having read a lot of Michael Moorcock and played / run both Elric and Stormbringer rpg's I will likely have my own take on "champions" of Order and Entropy ... currently I see no requirement for either within my campaign.