India in 3e

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India in 3e

Post by rulandor » Tue Nov 08, 2016 12:46 am

My new campaign is placed in London, but draws heavily on Indian elements, like the past experience of characters, treasures robbed during the Mutiny and such things. Also, our group's doctor was with the Company army during the Mutiny and had a native subordinate, a Tigerman, who during the 1860ies accompanied the doctor back to Britain and supports them both by being a professional boxer.

Now our campaign is a mishmash of editions. We use 3e rules, but 2e history, modified so that the big wars of the mid 19th century, the Crimean war, the Indian Mutiny and the American Civil War are all over; they happened in the same years as in our history. The first two of those conflicts endet differently from our history; the Crimean War ended in a standstill 1855, and the Indian Mutiny ended as described in The Jewel in the Crown, only ten years earlier. Company rule remains.

So, the Jewel in the Crown sourcebook is important for us - not only for the personal history and companionship of one of our characters, but also for several important NPCs and antagonists, intrigues and dramas.

I have two questions about using the sourcebook with 3e:

1. What are the 3e equivalents of the Sikh and Jain religions? I remember that Hinduism and Buddhism are now Brahmanism and Bodhism, but how about these two minorities?

2. Is there a quick and dirty formula for using the sourcebook spells and magnetism abilities in 3e?

If anyone has useful ideas to these questions, I would be grateful for those.

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