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Concert in Flames Rules Clarifications and Errata

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2015 2:59 pm
by Walt Ciechanowski
p.152 The Huge trait for Giant is poorly worded and conflicts with the Monster trait of the same name in the Victoriana Core Rulebook, which actually applies to smaller creatures (between 10-20 feet tall). For clarity, replace this trait with the following: Giant: Giants are at least 20 feet tall. They add 3 dice to punch and 6 dice to kick (rather than 1 and 2, respectively). They also add 6 dice to Health calculations (rather than the normal 2). Melee weapons sized for Giants have their damage dice tripled. However, Giants have 9 black dice on all Hide & Sneak rolls and anyone attacking them adds +3 dice to all combat pools.