Session Podcast of Victoriana on YouTube

A world of adventure in an age of sorcery and steam. Join the fight against the enemies of Queen and Empire. Battle ancient evils, uncover sinister plots, and root out predators stalking the cobble-stoned streets. Your tools are arcane magics, steam-driven marvels, and a stiff upper lip. Learn more at our website:
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Session Podcast of Victoriana on YouTube

Post by forummr » Fri Oct 16, 2015 11:49 am

Cheers alltogether,

while waiting that the America-Sourcebook hits the stores you may listening to a Podcast of a group playing Victoriana. You can find it on YouTube. I listened a bit and think it's very good. ... ERe-kd-Mjp_

Greetings to Walt and the Team. Wish I could have been at Spiel in Essen and visited you there ( I am German)


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