Bank interest in Victoriana?

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Bank interest in Victoriana?

Post by kroiden » Mon Sep 14, 2015 6:35 pm

It took very little time during character creation from i asked the question:

"So, do you walk around with 40 pounds in your pockets at all times or do you put is somewhere safe?

until someone said; "I will put it in the bank" with the follow up;
"Err, what interest do we get on our money?"

Apart from telling them not to be such horrid little penny pincers (none of the players played shopkeepers or industrialists) i said that they could at best expect 1%.

In truth i am not sure how Victoriana handles this as it is possible for especially upper class characters to amass quite a lot of cash (by Victorian times standard at least) if the character has certain assets and the game consists of several small adventures.
I also have the sneaking suspicion that interest on money was very much tied to the amount you had in the bank , what sort of bank it was and last, but not least what social class you belonged too.
I sort of envision that some banks were for the gentry only.

Still, i wonder if anyone has any thoughts on the matter?

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Re: Bank interest in Victoriana?

Post by knightofhagan » Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:33 pm

I touched a little bit on this on my blog:
"Respectable blue-blooded characters can get by on credit (their man will be by with a bank note in the morning), but a middleclass character will have to keep an eye on their money. A bank is a solid enough place to keep it, and their employer may already have an account for employees to use. Although banks can be robbed, it’s rarer than being pick-pocketed or mugged. A bank may not have very tight security on withdraws from accounts, or it may have restrictive security making it difficult to access funds in an emergency."

I can't help too much on banking history, but I would be remiss not to point out the world of banking is a great place to put adventure hooks. Money is the root of all evil, after all.

You could simplify the interest by giving them a bonus to their starting income. A lower class character could have +1 pence, a middle class character +5 pence and an upper class 1 shilling at the start of an adventure. It's not much, and it shouldn't affect play too badly.
Best of all you can do terrible things to their money whenever you want. Embezzlers flee to Europe, fires start, and investments fail. That servant who keeps being sent to pay of tabs may be tipping himself for his trouble.
They get a reward and you have room for adventures.

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Re: Bank interest in Victoriana?

Post by Walt Ciechanowski » Tue Sep 15, 2015 12:49 am

I wouldn't worry too much about it.

One of the reasons why the Income talent gives income at the start of each adventure is because it's assumed that the adventurers save or spend their excess income on maintaining their lifestyle. If you aren't making them pay their rent, buy groceries, hang out at the pub, go on excursions, etc, then it's not fair to allow them to bank money and expect interest.

Having said that, the data I've looked at suggests a 7% interest rate from Jan through April 1856, 6% in May, 4.5% through September, 7% through November, and ending at 6% in December. If you don't want that level of granularity then it averages out to 6% over the course of 1856.

As always, Victoriana takes place in an alternate history, so feel free to use a different interest rate if it suits you.

Source: ... -1694#data
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Re: Bank interest in Victoriana?

Post by kroiden » Tue Sep 15, 2015 4:14 pm

My thanks to you both.
I will go easy on the whole banking business and concentrate on having a fun experience instead. :D

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