Need HELP with a convention demo game

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Re: Need HELP with a convention demo game

Post by Hermes Serpent » Mon Jul 27, 2015 7:24 am

What I've found for, in particular, One Ring con games is that it is very important to internalize the game's mechanisms so you aren't continually looking things up as that doesn't give a good impression. The adventure you are running should be relatively short and simple if the game has unusual systems as describing how the game works will take up chunks of time. Split up any system info dumps into when they are needed. Basically I start with explaining the dice for TOR and point out the number of dice rolled is the Feat die (d12) and the dot number of Success dice (d6's). That's all they need to know to get started and I add in explanation of the individual skills when I call for a Test and explain Traits when I do Travel or Encounters for the first time.

When the first combat occurs (fairly soon, (first 45 minutes to an hour, in my con games) I deal with Combat systems and then finish the session with a big combat (20-30 minutes) so that winning that fight leaves the players on a high note.

My scenarios are generally written as bullet points covering the plot with stat blocks for the various creatures in-line with the text/bullet points. That way I never need to open the books except to maybe show a picture but for those I often print out the picture on 4x6 photo paper to hand around. I almost always have a map of some kind covering the area in the game on the table so players can follow things along. Although this is mainly focused on One Ring con games I employ the same thing and methods for any convention game.
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Re: Need HELP with a convention demo game

Post by cleddyfwr » Wed Jul 29, 2015 1:36 am

Thanks for the great information Hermes.

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