Old Victoriana & Dark Harvest Forum Threads Archived

A world of adventure in an age of sorcery and steam. Join the fight against the enemies of Queen and Empire. Battle ancient evils, uncover sinister plots, and root out predators stalking the cobble-stoned streets. Your tools are arcane magics, steam-driven marvels, and a stiff upper lip. Learn more at our website: http://www.cubicle7.co.uk/our-games/victoriana/
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Old Victoriana & Dark Harvest Forum Threads Archived

Post by Garn! » Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:59 am

I compiled the old forum threads related to Victoriana into a ZIP archive: C7 Victoriana Forum Archive - HTML Format.zip.

Also, the threads relating to Dark Harvest: C7 Dark Harvest Forum Archive - HTML Format.zip.

All of the topics are included from the old ClickDev forums. As HTML pages, the various links will direct you to the original ClickDev content or any other linked destination. Eventually these links will expire as the ClickDev forums are terminated.

To use these pages you will need to unzip the archive, then just open a new tab or window in any browser, click on File>Open (or, press CTRL+O) and select the topic that you want to load.

Each page is named after the topic title. There are a few alterations and exceptions:
  • Windows does not allow certain characters in file names: \ ?< . % * /: |" > so these characters are automatically stripped out, replaced by a space. So one topic in Kuro, called "P:NW", was changed to "P NW". Hopefully this will not cause too much confusion.
  • Index pages are prefixed with "@ " to force them to the top of the alphabetical listing; they also include " - Index" at the end of the topic name. Note the links cannot be used to load the archived HTML pages - they will load the original ClickDev topic.
  • Pinned topics are prefixed with "_ " to force them into a secondary position in the alphabetical listing.
  • Other punctuation marks at the beginning of a topic's name were removed (and any matching end punctuation); other punctuation within the title was left unchanged. This was to force correct alphabetizing of all topics.
  • Topics with lots of messages had page numbers, in the format " -- pg##" added to the end of the topic name.
  • Some topic names were repeated and in these cases the original starting date was used to differentiate these otherwise similar topics. While including a sub-title might have been better, it might also have created file names that were too long. The dates allowed shorter names with better consistency.
I hope this is of use to players.

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