The War of the RIng Campaign

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The War of the RIng Campaign

Post by Hamarr » Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:09 pm

So I was talking to my friend talking about running a game were the players are all new characters from a number of cultures around Middle-Earth and give them a chance to gain enough renown, and they are invited to the Council of Elrond and can become the Fellowship of the Ring. He had the idea of players actually playing the characters from the books, and retelling the story of LOTR. Will Boromir survive? Will Aragorn die before speaking to the dead? Will Frodo survive, or actually fall to corruption? So I was wondering if anyone had played a game like this actually playing as the Fellowship? How did it go?

He also then had the idea to let players play as any characters from the books (with LM permission), it would be called "Shitty Lord of the Rings" ever wonder what would happen if Fatty Bolger had the ring. What if Bilbo was the ring bearer? Perhaps Barliman took the call of adventure and set out to Rivendell.

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