Darkening Campaign - Ring of Doom

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Darkening Campaign - Ring of Doom

Post by mica » Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:23 pm

Trying to be cryptic as I suspect that some players can't help but read threads they really shouldn't. Anyway, if you are running Darkening you should be able to determine which year this applies to:

I ran ring of doom scenario last night, following the structure in the book. Everyone gave speeches, totted up then added a success die. This resulted in a tie, then a second but the NPC won in the end. Players weren't impressed that it came down to die that could not be modified.
I strongly suggest adding the success die before the speeches. During the speeches allow insight checks by non-speaking characters to judge the crowd. That way the characters have the chance to spend hope or even undertake riskier action if it looks like their support might not be enough.

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