The One Ring PbP Recruitment!

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Re: The One Ring PbP Recruitment!

Post by Curulon » Sat Mar 18, 2017 6:23 pm

Hamarr wrote:
Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:56 pm
This sounds like something I could get behind. I just have a few questions, will the game be going over the Darkening of Mirkwood, and Tales From Wilderland or will it be mostly new content. I have played through Darkening and Tales before in an irl game. I don't want to necessarily retread old ground. That being said if content will be a mix of original and published I would be interested in playing a Dwarf of the Blue Mountains.

A Dwarf Wanderer and Trader who has traveled much of Earidor and parts of Rohan selling his wares (weapons and jewelry). Having heard of the refounded kingdom Under the Mountain from his cousin from the Iron Hills he has decided to make his way to Erebor to expand his trading network. A stanch ally to all free folk, he is a jolly man with a soft smile and warm heart. He readily welcomes visitors to his halls in the Blue Mountains and has friends among the Elves of the Gray Havens, Bree Folk (and Hobbits), Dunlendings, and the Rohirrim.
I believe it will be all new content - as I have played both DoM and TfW. I'll send you a PM!

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Re: The One Ring PbP Recruitment!

Post by Kullervo » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:01 pm

Sounds interesting. Dont have a ready character concept at the moment, though I've had several ideas over the course of our over adventure in another campaign - different things to try and so on. Let see...

To date, I've played a Dwarf, a Beorning, and a Rohirrim. They were all equally enjoyable, though in general, I enjoy dwarf lore more, so I'm a little biased(as my avatar probably gives away). I've no real interest in the Advanced Cultures, so that wont be a problem. I've prepared, a while ago, a archery-based Dunleding who had some problems with his tribe and needed to get money to help out - so he journeyed to Wilderland due to a dwarf his tribe had sheltered once, who told them stories about such things. I've somewhat ran into a wall with him though, because I think he's a bit too dark for this - there was murder over some scrap of treasure found, some revenge involved, since the Dunledings seem to be inclined to that. Ultimately decided to go with another character at the time.

Apart from that... Well, we'll see. I did have an idea for Men of Minas Tirith - failing that, dwarves are always great! I've had another Grey Mountains dwarf I've wanted to try out. Let me know if you still need people.

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Re: The One Ring PbP Recruitment!

Post by Angelalex242 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:27 pm

I'm afraid, on discussion with the GM, I had to decline. Advancement will simply be too slow for me to be satisfied.

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