Should I go back and Play Through the Ending?

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Should I go back and Play Through the Ending?

Post by Majestic » Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:51 pm

I had another successful TOR session last Friday, and the players had fun. Because we had a new player (his first time playing, though he's GMd the game a number of times), we spent some time at the beginning making his character. The session went smoothly and overall ran well, but it went really late (1:30 a.m.), so when the player were finally victorious in combat, I swiftly narrated the end, returning the PCs and telling them the reward from the culture they helped.

But soon after we ended I remembered some of what I'd glossed over, in the interest of wrapping up a long session. We'd just played through Year 2966 in Darkening, 'Return to Dol Guldur', and the PCs successfully rescued the prisoners, defeating the Orcs and Trolls and reclaiming the Lamp of Balthi.

Now on the one hand I had put a nice bow on the adventure, telling them how many Experience Points they got, doling out what was left in the Fellowship Pool, and even informing them of the new title they could claim (the new Undertaking 'Receive Title (Hero of the Woodmen')". And I realize there's times where you just have to bring things to a close.

But the journey into this dark part of Mirkwood was really, really difficult (even with the help of Radagast), and it would be difficult for the PCs to avoid picking up quite a bit of Shadow (at the very least), as they have to make tough choices and possibly leave some people behind.

Right now I think I'm leaning towards picking up next session where we left off, with a fully refreshed Fellowship Pool and new Courage totals (this was the first time I'd used that mechanic).

What do you think?
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