The Map and Diagram of Dol Guldur

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The Map and Diagram of Dol Guldur

Post by Majestic » Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:49 pm

The map and diagram of Dol Guldur given on p. 109 of The Heart of the Wild is outstanding, and really helps a LM to prepare if his group is journeying there (though I think I had the books, I was much more nebulous and didn't use this when my group first traveled there with Radagast).

I'm wondering about spots 3 and 5 specifically. 3 is the 'Outer Courtyard', though it is much closer to the center, and 5 is the 'Inner Gate', though it's very much on the outside of the Outer Courtyard (perhaps that's intentional, as the Moat is more of an outer perimeter). The 'Inner Courtyard' (6) doesn't seem to take up much area. Does it maybe make more sense to rename some of these?

From the picture, the Inner Gate looks really beat-up, and almost falling down in places. My group is in TA 2966, so I am thinking I will make that Inner Gate closed (and unable to be opened), if my players try to go that far in (they likely won't). I'll probably shore it up some, making it so it's been repaired some since Dol Guldur has been reoccupied.

Would love to hear anyone's take or perspective on any of these.

[Edit: Cleaned up some of my comments on the Inner Gate]
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