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Welcome to The One Ring RPG - FAQs

Post by zedturtle » Thu Jul 28, 2016 11:50 pm

With people discovering the greatness of The One Ring Roleplaying Game all the time, certain questions come up quite often. This topic will be an attempt to answer as many of them as possible... but if you have a question about the game and don't see it here, please post it. Perhaps your thread will someday join the ones below!

  • How do I make a character?
    Between The One Ring Roleplaying Game and The Adventurer's Companion are all the rules for making characters for every Culture so far published. You can use Azrapse's online generator to really help out.
  • Where do I find the various cultures?
    Bardings, Beornings, Dwarves of Erebor, Elves of Mirkwood, Hobbits of the Shire and Woodmen of Wilderland are in the main game.
    Men of the Lake are in Lake-town (Loremaster's Screen package) and The Adventurer's Companion.
    Wayward Elves and Wild Hobbits are in Heart of the Wild and The Adventurer's Companion.
    Woodmen of Mountain Hall are in Heart of the Wild.
    Dúnedain and High Elves of Rivendell are in Rivendell and The Adventurer's Companion.
    Riders of Rohan and Dunlendings are in Horse-lords of Rohan and The Adventurer's Companion.
    Dwarves of the Iron Hills and Dwarves of the Grey Mountains are located in Erebor and The Adventurer's Companion.
    Dwarves of the Blue Mountains, Men of Bree and Men of Minas Tirith are in The Adventurer's Companion.
  • What do people think of various virtues and rewards?
    This subject generates a lot of discussion. Glorelendil's Character Optimisation Guide might be one place to look.
  • What's the best Armour? What's a good amount of Endurance versus Fatigue?
    Here is a thread about the gap between Endurance and Fatigue.
  • Why is there no magic-user class?
    While there is no magic user "class"; there are magical abilities in The One Ring, see the rules in Rivendell for more information, and most cultures have abilities that would count as magical.
    This thread is a recent discussion of magic, this one is a bit older. Several fan-produced magic systems can be found in the house rules subforum.
  • How do Traits work?
    Players can use Traits to automatically succeed at a common skill use. Automatic successes count as ordinary successes (i.e. only rolling can get you Great or Extraordinary successes).
    After a successful roll, traits can get you Advancement Points.
    You can use a Trait to make a roll, even if the LM said 'no' originally.
    Rich H's Guide to Trait Usage
  • How do you get Advancement points?
    First Advancement Point: Any success.
    Second Advancement Point: (A Great or Extraordinary Success) OR (a normal success and a trait invocation)
    Third Advancement Point: (A Great or Extraordinary Success) AND (a trait invocation)
    (Courtesy of Stormcrow in this post.)
  • How do you get Hope back?
    Hope can come from both the Fellowship Pool and your Fellowship Focus, as well as other sources.
    An older discussion with some insight from Francesco on the Hope refresh mechanics.
  • How do heroes help each other out?
    This comes up on occasion, and Prolonged Tasks seems the most common answer. This thread has more.
  • Do you roll Fatigue Tests for the whole Journey at once or break it up into sections?
    This is a matter for debate, see opinions here
  • Can you use Hardy (or another Trait) to pass every Fatigue Test?
    Another debate for the ages, see here for options on how to rule this.
  • What does Tolerance represent?
    Chris Gardiner said "Tolerance isn't about failure. It's about when the players have to stop calling for tasks in that scene." in this thread.
  • How do Encounters and Traits work?
    Here is an older thread asking about this. Here is a recent thread with a good breakdown of Pippin and Gandalf meeting with Denethor.
  • Tell me more about how failures interact with Tolerance, especially during Introductions:
    There are discussions about counting failures during the Introduction here and here.
  • How does Surprise and Initiative work?
    This thread has a guide to these questions.
  • What are the requirements for missile wielding heroes to be in Rearward Stance?
    See this thread for a lively discussion.
  • How do you determine challenging opponents for heroes?
    While there's no official system, this thread contains a variety of advice on the subject.
  • How do Endurance damage and Piercing Blows interact?
    Here is an interesting discussion on the subject.
  • Is there a list of undertakings anywhere?
    The Adventurer's Companion contains a comprehensive list and reference of all undertakings as of the time of its writing.
  • How does improving cultural weapon skills into individual weapon skills work?
    Here's a recent thread about the process.
  • Can adversaries Escape Combat?
    Here are some thoughts on that.
  • How does Great Leap interact with Rearward stance?
    Angelalex242 answers this here.
  • How does Denizen of the Dark work?
    Francesco clarifies the rules here.
  • How much Shadow should be gained due to the death of a companion?
    This thread discusses this.
  • How does rolling for Magical Treasure work?
    You only pay XP if you find an item (by rolling a Gandalf or a Sauron on your Hoard check and then one or more Tengwars). See this thread for more info.
  • Does anyone have a list of Hoards?
    This is a list of Hoards likely to be found in Wilderland.
  • Has anyone made a guide for how a session is supposed to play out?
    Stormcrow has fairly thorough one here.
  • Is The One Ring a good fit for my group?
    Only you know, but this thread has information on a lot of different approaches to the game.
  • What adventure should a new group/Loremaster start with?
    Check this thread out.
  • What non-game reference material should I check out?
    There is a handy list here
  • What official adventures are out there?
    There is The Marsh Bell in the core rules, seven full adventures in Tales from Wilderland, six full adventures in Ruins of the North, three full adventures in Bree, six full adventures in Oaths of the Riddermark, over thirty adventure seeds in Darkening of Mirkwood and many more hooks in both Heart of the Wild and Rivendell. The Hare and the Hill-Giant appeared in Gygax Magazine, Issue #2.

    Also, The Laughter of Dragons — an adventure supplement for Erebor is in development.
  • Do people play The One Ring online?
    Absolutely! Here is a discussion about the various forms the game takes online. Here is relatively recent list of games that are active.
  • Why is [Game Product] sold out?
    The One Ring is a very popular game, and new people are always learning about it, and buying products... sometimes demand exceeds supply, and a product must be reprinted, sometimes incurring necessary delays.
  • Is there more information on the Loremaster's Screen?
    The Loremaster's Screen & Lake-town Guide was one of the first products released for The One Ring Roleplaying Game and is currently not available through the web-store. For more information on its contents, see this thread.
  • Are there fan-made rules for [Game Aspect]?
    Quite a few players of The One Ring feel moved to explore some aspect of Middle-earth that particulary interests them. Such explorations can be found in the House Rules forum.
There are a number of fan-made adventures for The One Ring:
Jacob Rodgers, occasional nitwit.

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