The One Ring Roleplaying Game New Edition FAQ

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The One Ring Roleplaying Game New Edition FAQ

Post by Jon Hodgson » Mon May 26, 2014 2:38 pm

We've noticed many of the same questions about this new edition cropping up time and time again, so we've put together this handy FAQ:

Why a new edition now?
Our stocks of the slipcase edition of The One Ring have completely sold out. Given the choice between reprinting the slipcase, or taking the chance to make some changes we've taken that chance.

I already have The One Ring. Do I have to buy it again?

Not at all, although we’re confident that you’ll want to. We have made a free PDF available, which will list all of the changes, clarifications and errata.

What’s changed in the revised edition?

We’ve made lots of changes to the rules and layout, both big and small. Check out the website where we've discussed some of the changes.

Is it just the Adventurer’s Guide and Loremaster’s Guide bound together?

No, we’ve taken this opportunity to thoroughly edit the text, to reformat and recompile it into a single, coherent volume.

I’m new to The One Ring. Where should I start?

Check out the various posts on the C7 website where we discuss the various aspects of the game. Then, pick up the new edition of The One Ring Roleplaying Game when it’s released in a few short weeks. It’s the best place to get started, as it contains all the rules and background you need to play.

Do I need special dice to play?

Yes and no. The One Ring Roleplaying Game uses a set of special dice to play, which you can buy from all good games stores or direct from the Cubicle 7 webstore here. You can also use a d12 and a handful of d6s just as readily, however.

Will there be maps?

Maps are an integral part of The One Ring Roleplaying Game, and there are several pages of maps within the new edition. The Adventurer’s Map and the Loremaster’s Map will also be printed on the endpapers.

Are my supplements all still compatible?

There are a number of fantastic supplements available already for The One Ring and they’re still completely compatible with the new edition.

What’s coming next?

We have loads more supplements planned for The One Ring, starting with Rivendell later in the summer. Check out this page to see our latest release schedule.
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