Hope Against the Shadow-A Tale of Years

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Re: Hope Against the Shadow-A Tale of Years

Post by Agnot » Sun Apr 15, 2018 3:33 pm

This is another solo adventure that I put together for Rolf, our Barding Leader, who could not attend one our regular sessions. Since we complete one full adventure per session, I did not want him to fall too far behind the other players. Plus, this was also a great opportunity to explore some of his personal narrative outside of the primary story line. All in all, it was a lot a fun and expanded on several aspects of various story lines that were set in motion over the past several adventures and Fellowship Phases.

Bard's Wedding - Rolf's Tale (Spring 2949)

Bard are Una wed in March of 2949. Rolf and his family attend the wedding and celebrate with the rest of the city afterwards. Unfortunately, the Blackwrists use the crowded city and the presence of so many nobles as cover to kidnap Hannah, Rolf’s future bride, and demand a ransom. As her future husband, Ulf, Rolf’s father, insists that Rolf be sent to negotiate with the kidnappers and secure her release.

Following the kidnapper’s instructions, Rolf wanders the streets of Brokenstone through the pre-dawn hours until he is approached by two thugs who escort him to a rundown home in the back alleys of the district. He pays the ransom to a masked Blackwrist lieutenant. During their negotiations, he recognizes that man’s voice as that of Sigdan, a young courtier who had introduced himself earlier at Bard’s wedding. Realizing that revealing this now would be risky, Rolf chose to say nothing and paid the ransom. As he left with the ransom, Sigdan left Rolf with directions to a home in the Old Quarter where he could find Hannah.

Things take a turn for the strange when Rolf goes to retrieve Hannah and finds her in an ancient barrow hidden below the basement of the abandoned home, chained to the stone sarcophagus of Bávlos, the spectre of an ancient culture that lived in the Dalelands thousands of years ago. Bávlos has unjustly suffered in undeath for an age and beseeches Rolf to end his miserable existence with a blade of his own design that lies within his sealed sarcophagus. Despite suffering from the spectre’s withering presence, Rolf manages to secure the Blade of Bávlos by removing the lid from his tomb and then releases the spectre from his suffering in the mortal realm. The spectre’s death releases Hannah’s chains and Rolf rushes her to the Houses of Healing. Though severely weakened, Hannah lives; however, she is forever changed by the ordeal.

Rolf’s Tale: The night before Bard’s wedding, Rolf shares the tales of his adventures with Gloin and several important business men over dinner at the Missing Scale. During the dinner, a confrontation between the drunken men and some Elves of Mirkwood begins over the recent disappearance of several Bardings who were harvesting wood in the forest. Rolf intervenes to resolve the situation and manages to avoid a brawl, though the spirit of the evening is ruined. Later, during his rescue of Hannah from the Blackwrists, Rolf recognizes the orchestrator of the kidnapping as Sigdan, a young Barding courtier. He says nothing of his discovery at the time, rescues Hannah, and secures the Blade of Bávlos. Rolf and his father return to Strandburg with a sickly Hannah to discuss what to do with their knowledge of Sigdan’s crimes.

Earns two Treasure for his Holding and sees its rating improved by one (Holding 7) due to a mild winter allowing reconstruction to continue uninterrupted.

Blade of Bávlos (Númenórean): Thousands of years ago, Bávlos the Tormentor was the chieftain of an ancient civilization whose people once occupied the lands that are now known as the Dalelands. He was a righteous pursuer of justice, tormentor of evil-men and dedicated his life to hunting down those who were the enemies of peaceful men. Such was his obsession, that upon his death, his spirit would not rest, and he returned as a spectre to haunt his barrow. As Sauron rose in power, he further cursed Bávlos with a withering presence that would kill friend and foe alike.

The Blade of Bávlos is a fierce looking long sword with few ornamentations, but its blade is exquisitely wrought. The folds of the steel shimmer with an unearthly gleam that glimmers when drawn and is said to have emboldened all those who saw it to redouble their efforts when confronted with a terrifying foe.

Blade of Bávlos (Númenórean): Bane: Evil Men & Undead; 1. Keen, 2. Raging, 3. Flame of Hope
Given to Rolf by Bávlos in exchange for agreeing to end his miserable spectral existence.

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