Rating the Published Adventures [Possible Spoilers]

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Rating the Published Adventures [Possible Spoilers]

Post by farinal » Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:50 am

Now that we have quite a number of published adventures in our hands I think it could be an useful and fun exercise to rate and review some of our favorites among them and tell others why we like them as we do. I think stories from the Darkening of Mirkwood (the greatest TOR product in my opinion) can also be rated here if they fit the format.

A simple format of 5 points star ratings could be useful for referencing and future searching such as the one below.

Name: The Marsh-Bell
Sourcebook: Core
Story: 4/5
Fun: 4/5
Challenge: 3/5
Tolkienesque: 4/5
Highlights: Meeting Gloin, Oin and Balin / Fighting off a troll as beginner characters / The eerie Marsh-Bell and the general Mewlips theme

Story here means the overall plot of the adventure and also the hooks for players to get invested in it. Fun means the overall enjoyment the adventure provides whether through combat, solving obstacles or game mechanics. Challenge means the difficulty of the adventure with lower the number means easier the adventure is for you. Tolkienesque means, how much the adventure feels Tolkien and Middle-Earth, and how much does it "fit" or align with Tolkien's themes for you. And Highlights is the optional part where you can give a brief description of what you liked most in the adventure.

I have kept this example review short to get the thread going. I will post my opinion on some other adventures later here. Looking forward to hear how others rate some of the adventures!
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Re: Rating the Published Adventures [Possible Spoilers]

Post by Hamarr » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:13 pm

"Don't Leave the Path"
Source: Tales From Wilderland
Story: 4/5 (This adventure can provide some good hooks to lead the players down to the Woodmen to get Darkening of Mirkwood started.)
Fun: 3/5 (While fun overall there are not a lot of super impactful moments. IMO)
Challenge: 4/5 (Really good battle with Spiders, and the creature in the well.)
Tolkienesque: 5/5 (That this adventure takes the entire time during a Journey is really good. It presents good themes of corruption and shadow.)
Highlights: Meeting of the Elves, The Hermit, The Elf Path.

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Re: Rating the Published Adventures [Possible Spoilers]

Post by Fenton Hardy » Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:05 pm

“Of Leaves and Stewed Hobbit”
Source: Tales from Wilderland
Story: 4/5 (The Easterly Inn and its proprietors can become a fixture in an ongoing campaign. The night wight serves no purpose and seems thrown in for the sake of an additional encounter.)
Fun: 5/5 (My players really enjoyed this one. They had fun with the battle and trying different plans to rescue Dindy. The goblin song is a nice touch and the one NPC is named Tom Lumpyface!)
Challenge: 5/5 (I would give this a 4/5 except that rescuing Dindy is no easy feat.)
Tolkienesque: 4/5 (Lots of opportunities for humor and the pure hobbitiness of Dindy give this adventure an atmosphere closer to the Hobbit than LOTR)
Highlights: The battle of the ring fort and rescuing Dindy

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