New Background: Changeling - Mirkwood Campaign pg 101

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Gilrohir Arncelevon
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New Background: Changeling - Mirkwood Campaign pg 101

Post by Gilrohir Arncelevon » Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:53 pm

Thought I'd share some ideas on this background (which I really like).

I have run a TOR campaign for a long time and I'm also now running an AiME campaign. But I was recently invited to join a group as a player (something I haven't done for years) and decided to play a Barding with the new Changeling background from the Mirkwood Campaign Guide (page 101).

In discussions with the Loremaster we agreed a few additional points might be in keeping with the concept.

1. normally a Barding character can speak read and write Dalish. We felt that a child brought up by the elves would be unlikely to have learned to read and write Dalish, though from his childhood he would have some grasp of speaking it. So the Loremaster ruled that Changelings can speak Dalish and speak, read and write Sindarin - the language we felt a changeling child would most likely have been taught by the elves.

2. normally a Barding character starts with a prosperous standard of living, but again, as a child brought up by the elves in Mirkwood, the Loremaster felt a martial standard of living was more suitable.

3. finally, a Barding would normally start play with the bonus equipment on page 33 of the Players Guide, but again, given the fact the character has been brought up by the elves, the Loremaster ruled that it was more appropriate for the character to start play with the bonus equipment of an elf of Mirkwood on page 43 of the Players Guide.

I thought all those "house rulings" seemed pretty sensible (and of course the Loremaster is ALWAYS right) so happily agreed to them.

Thought I'd share them in case others found them useful.

M Luwin
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Re: New Background: Changeling - Mirkwood Campaign pg 101

Post by M Luwin » Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:29 pm

Sounds good to me. I would like to hear more of how your character plays out so keep us posted in his/ her story. Cheers

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