Elf Lamps

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Elf Lamps

Post by Mykesfree » Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:36 pm

While there is a new Fellowship Phase Undertaking: Study with the Lampmaker

Has anyone worked up a Elf Lamp as a Magic Item? From the new Undertaking, it doesn't seem like it would translate well to Wondrous Artefacts Rules.

Could a Mannish culture use the power in one of these lamps? Lets take Lamp of the Far Traveller as an example.

Lamp of the Far Traveller: You learn the art of making crystal lamps that hold your magical light.
You may start an Adventuring phase lighting such a lamp with your magic at no cost. This lamp works like
a continuous Elf-lights spell, but its glow can be shut out if needed. you can snuff the lamp out to dazzle
foes, or to put someone into an Enchanted Sleep, as per the normal Wood-elf Magic rules. The lamp then
can be lit up again without spending Inspiration.

Could each of these effects just be the use of the Small, Meidum, and Large Effects?

Any thoughts?

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Re: Elf Lamps

Post by Majestic » Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:41 pm

I've got a character with Lamp of the Far Traveller, and I've been sort of improvising with it so far. I hadn't worked it out as a magical item, per se, but have been allowing him to do what he was able to do with the item when we were playing TOR.
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