Leofrings - Cultural Heirlooms (2 of 3)

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Leofrings - Cultural Heirlooms (2 of 3)

Post by MrUkpyr » Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:25 pm

And here is part-2, the Cultural Heirlooms of the Leofrings.

Again, anything taken from Cublicle-7 is theirs, and may not be used for profit or gain without their clear written consent

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Glinting Spear (Tall Spear)

When Eorl the Young took the Eotheod South to aid Gondor, they wielded tall spears of ash, topped with sharp heads of cold steel. The Leofrings continue to use these tall spears, with some of their hafts cut from the trees of the ancient Greenwood.

Glinting spears give a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with such weapons. On a successful attack in the first round of mounted melee combat, a Glinting Spear does +3 damage, reduced to +2 for a first round of dismounted melee combat.

Horn of Battle
The Leofrings, like their Rohirric kin, use the braying of horns to announce their arrival onthe field of battle.

The bearer of such a horn can sound its clarion call as a half-move action just before or during combat, a number of foes equal to your Proficiency bonus + Charisma modifies (mimimun of 2) must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus + your charisma modifies). Tose who fail gain disadvantage on their next attack roll. Those who roll a "1" also are struck numb with fear and automatically concede Initiative and strike last.

Horsehair Plume
A mark of distinction amongst all the horsemen of Wilderland, this tradition dates back to the time when Prince Vidugavia united most of the clans into a single Kingdom of Rhovanion, where a horsehair crest was fixed to the helmet of a Captain or Champion as recognition of his deeds or rank.

Wearing such a plume grants a +1 bonus to your Armour Class. Additinally, you can spend a point of Inspiration to lift the spirits of those around you, removing one level of exhaustion or granting +1 to hit on their next attack (chosen by them based on need).
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