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Wilderland Adventures Print Update

Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:56 pm
by Jon Hodgson
Wilderland Adventures, the seven linked adventures for Adventures in Middle-earth has arrived in the UK!

 It looks gorgeous!

Here's an update on progress:
• All Canadian and “Rest of World” pre-orders have shipped!
• European and UK pre-orders are shipping this week!
• Our US shipment is scheduled to land in the US next week, and will then head to our US warehouse. It’s had a nice speedy crossing of the Atlantic, and the timeline is looking good!

Once pre-orders have shipped look for Wilderland Adventures in stores.

You can still pre-order at our web store and get the PDF free. ... ntures-PDF

Or order at a local Bits and Mortar store and get the PDF free from them!

Or just grab the PDF from DrivethruRPG! ... d=169435

Stay tuned for more exciting Adventures in Middle-earth news tomorrow!