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The place for discussion of Cubicle 7 and Sophisticated Games' "Adventures in Middle-earth" OGL setting.
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Post by Jon Hodgson » Thu Jul 28, 2016 3:17 pm

Welcome to the Adventures in Middle-earth forum!

Until the supplements themselves make their way into your hands, this forum will doubtless be home to speculation, excitement, and many, many questions.

If you're new to our games it might be helpful to know that we very rarely give out new information on our forums - our website at is the place to get the most up to date info on any given topic. If we haven't said it there, it's not likely to be said here. We are however more than happy to point you to information you may have missed - that's not a problem!

A note on licensed games - very often we can't give out information due to the nature of our various agreements and partnerships. We represent more than just Cubicle 7 here, so we are very conservative in what we share. We like to think it's just one reason why we form long running partnerships with our co-creators and licensors. We understand this can be frustrating when you're desperate to know the latest news, and we do our best to share news on our site just as soon as it's available.

We didn't think we would need to say this, but it considered both against our terms of service, and rude, to advertise your own company's for sale products here, or to solicit payment for fan works you might share here. We also reserve the right to remove threads that offer fan products that breach copyright law, or infringe our license. Whilst we do not accept any legal liability for what is posted here, it's important to recognise this is our house. What you might chose to do on your own blog, risking legal action as a considered decision is one thing. Posting it here is a different matter.

A word on behaviour. We run a slightly odd ship here at the c7 forums. We don't have a lot of rules. Be decent to one another. Respect our shared interests. If you're repeatedly rude, not here to discuss games, attack your fellow gamers or our team, then you'll be banned. If your only contributions are deemed negative then you'll be banned. We don't go in for a lot of game playing around warnings or yellow cards.

With Adventures in Middle-earth shaping up to be a more popular game than we've ever released (even at the time of writing, an hour into the pre-order being live!) there's a chance our way of doing things won't work for this forum. Which would be a shame, and we expect better of our fellow gamers. We tend to believe people are generally pretty nice, and prefer just getting along, agreeing to disagree when necessary and generally having a nice time making use of the free facilities we offer here. We hope you agree.

Welcome, and we hope you enjoy our forums.
Jon Hodgson
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