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AiME Money Tools

Post by Mac_na_hEaglaise » Thu Apr 12, 2018 4:17 pm

I posted this over on the AiME subreddit ( ... lculators/), but figured it might be useful for folks here as well.

I made a spreadsheet to help calculate things within the monetary system of AiME. It has three tabbed sheets:

1) Converter for 5E to AiME and between denominations (gold > silver, copper > gold, etc.)

There have been a bunch of helpful posts regarding conversion of money from 5E and potential errata. I based it off of the assumption that 1 gold from 5E = 1 silver in AiME. Of course, you still need to ensure that the relative value of that item or service makes sense in the economy (e.g., longswords are more expensive in Middle-earth than their 5E counterparts; horses come in different categories and are priced differently depending on where you are getting them).

Randy White had a great equipment list up on the Google+ community that combined all of the items and adjusted the prices on things that were priced in silver in 5E (I use this at the table constantly to check weapon properties, etc.), but this would also allow a Loremaster to estimate a price for non-standard items from 5E materials, or convert the rewards from a 5E module.

2) "Treasure Splitter"

The Rivendell Region Guide (pp. 90-96) gives more guidance for treasure hoards, and that can mean splitting up a value of the hoard according to however many party members there are. Sometimes that's easy (50 gold / 5 people), sometimes that's hard (50 gold / 3 people = 16 g, 13 s, 4c).

3) "Change-maker"

This is to make adding and subtracting simpler. Edit the cells for the original value, edit the cells for the difference ("$" adds, "-$" subtracts), and it will give you the new value.

AiME Money Tools - Google Sheets

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