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New LM Questions

Post by HeroicTheNerd » Thu Mar 01, 2018 3:25 am

Hey everyone i have played dnd for several years but this is my first time leading a group. Doing Wilderland first then running it into Mirkwood. I did have a couple questions right now.

When a player has Region Lore and can choose region, what list of regions is there? If it's the bold printed areas in the LM guide it seems very limited. I would think a player could choose Mirkwood itself and not have to pick a specific part of it.

For the challenge rating experience points, so you just aware those when players role play through a certain area? Most of those sections in the book don't even have rolls involved.

I am sure more will pop up, thanks

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Re: New LM Questions

Post by Otaku-sempai » Thu Mar 01, 2018 4:19 am

Region-lore could be as general as Anduin-lore (for a Beorning or a Wild Hobbit) or Mirkwood-lore (for an Elf of Mirkwood or a Woodman). It might be more specific; if your company has spent a year-end Fellowship phase in Bree making the Prancing Pony a Sanctuary then a character might pick up Bree-land-lore rather than Eriador-lore. But it should be a region with which the character would reasonably be familiar.

AiMe is not a complete rule-set, you need to refer to the D&D 5e rules for some questions. I think that may be the case for your Challenge rating question, but I have not LMed much so I might not understand your question well enough.
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Re: New LM Questions

Post by Majestic » Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:29 pm

Here is the List of Regions that I use. I have no idea if this is 'official' or fan-made, but it seems to list most of the specific areas delineated in the C7 maps for both games:

Middle-earth Regions

East of Mirkwood
Withered Heath
Northern Dalelands
Long Marshes
The Waste
Upper Marches
Nether Marches
East Rhovanion
East Blight
Iron Hills

East of the Misty Mountains
Vale of Gundabad
Grey Mountains
Grey Mountain Narrows
West Upper Vales
East Upper Vales
West Middle Vales
East Middle Vales
West Anduin Vales
East Anduin Vales
West Nether Vales
East Nether Vales
Dimril Dale
Grey Meadows
Brown Lands

Mirkwood Regions
Northern Mirkwood
Woodland Realm
Western Mirkwood
Mountains of Mirkwood
Western Eaves
Heart of Mirkwood
Southern Mirkwood

The Mountain Regions
Mount Gundabad
Northern Misty Mountains
High Pass
Goblin Town
Central Misty Mountains
Mountain Pass
Redhorn Pass
Southern Misty Mountains

West of the Misty Mountains
Mountains of Angmar
Mount Gram
North Lone-Lands
The Angle
Southern Lone-Lands

As far as Challenge Rating XP goes, in both games (D&D and AME), the general rule is that any time you 'overcome' an obstacle, be that defeating a monster or creature by force of arms, or when your group talks its way past a potential foe, or if you just met and got along great with a stranger, the group is then considered to have overcome (and thus has earned) the requisite Experience Points.

I'm not 100% sure if I answered what you were looking for with that last question, so let me know if you were looking for something else or need more clarification.
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Re: New LM Questions

Post by BookBarbarian » Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:39 pm

I thought you just picked from the Color Coded Map on the inside back cover of the Player's Guide just like with a Wanderer's Known Lands.

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Re: New LM Questions

Post by zedturtle » Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:39 pm

There have already been some great answers here, but I wanted to expand a little bit on the optional Experience Awards, by taking a look at a few examples.

First up, let's take a look at a couple sections of Kinstrife & Dark Tidings from Wilderland Adventures. The first section (A Funeral Boat) is notated as having a group Challenge rating of 1. That means that the Loremaster has the option of awarding 200 XP for a group of four heroes (or to say it another way, 50 XP per hero) who succeed in this section. The section lists a variety of skill checks of various difficulty levels and what the heroes can learn from a success at each one of the checks. So if a Company succeeded at more checks that they failed, the Loremaster might decide that each hero received 50 XP. As others have said, the award is analogous to defeating a monster that has a Challenge rating of 1, for whatever 'defeating' means in your game.

A later section (The Widow's Tale) has a Challenge rating of 1/2, but it doesn't have any associated rolls with it at all. Instead, if the players simply roleplay the scene out, they will learn much that will provide insight into the contents of the adventure. So a Loremaster might judge that simply being part of the scene is enough to achieve the award (again, the awards are factored on a four-person Company, so a Group Challenge of 1/2 is 100 XP / 4, or 25 XP per player).

If you're looking at the Mirkwood Campaign, then you'll see many Group or Individual Challenge award suggestions, but there often won't be any associated mechanics. That's because the MC is a 30-year campaign framework, needing fleshing out by a Loremaster. If the Campaign suggests that the heroes need to acquire some information from a Loremaster Character then for some groups that mean Persuasion or Intimidation, while for other groups it might mean Stealth and Investigation, and a third might prefer Traditions and Riddle. That NPC might be a stalwart ally of the Company, and getting the information might only be DC 10 (or perhaps automatic), or they might be adversaries and even a DC 20 Intimidation check will not suffice! Over the course of the 30-year Campaign, such requirements will change and grow and will need tending by the Loremaster.

I hope that helps.
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Re: New LM Questions

Post by ThrorII » Fri Mar 02, 2018 1:55 am

As far as Region-lore, I'd not just copy from the travel regions on the LM map. I'd suggest that Region-lore is a geographic/political region that a member of a group/race should know about. Therefore, I'd suggest:

The Shire
Dale-lands (the region east of Mirkwood but north of the River Running).
Rhovanion (the region south of the Running River)
Brown Lands

You'll note that most of these are the larger regions found on most Middle-earth maps in the novels.

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