Map for the Heart of Mirkwood

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Map for the Heart of Mirkwood

Post by robertsconley » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:58 pm

The Fellowship in my AiME campaign have hooked up with Geirbald Kinslayer to aid him in his hunt for the Werewolf. So I need to make a more detailed map of the Heart of Mirkwood. Small hexes are 2 miles. Light green are areas with less than 50% tree coverage. The shaded portion (actually a dot pattern) are hills.

The dashed blue line is the upper reaches of the lost river. The swamp attached to it is part of something I am working on to explain why it dried up.

The dotted red path just above the Narrows is a game trail used by Ceawin and his folks to get to Rhosgobel.


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