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Section 46

Post by Hermes Serpent » Tue Jul 05, 2016 6:17 pm

Just got the backer version of Section 46 and took a brief look through it.

128 pages of Cold War goodness in C7's excellent series of books. It covers much the same ground as the SOE Handbook did for World War 2 but updated to the 1970's. Excellent material about the background of the spy business with loads of advice and spot rules covering How-To's for all manner of clandestine activities.

The stress is on dealing with Our Other Enemy, as the book put's it. Fighting the Mythos is the focus for this book although mostly it's about dealing with cultists and adherents of the various sects involved in the Mythos rather than actual Mythos beasties.

All the usual Cold War threats are dealt with including Chemical and Biological toxins and the effects of radiation. The Davy Crockett nuclear bazooka is something a player is definitely going to want to get his hands when dealing with some Mythos threats.

Scott Dorward's hand is clearly seen from pages 85 to 88 Disposing of Bodies and Other Evidence with particular note of the sidebar on page 88
"If the investigator needs to make it difficult to identify a body by cutting off hands or fingers, pulling teeth or removing the head, and they have never done so before, the Keeper may call for a Sanity roll (0/1D6). Investigators who have experience of this kind of work are assumed to have become at least partially inured; the Keeper may still
call for a Sanity roll, but this should only be for colour, reflecting how reluctant the investigator is, or whether the process makes them vomit."

I'm sure that a scenario featuring the need to dismember party members is in the offing.

All in all another great volume from the team at Cubicle 7.
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