Covert Actions pdf arrives

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Covert Actions pdf arrives

Post by Hermes Serpent » Fri May 26, 2017 8:15 am

KS backers have just received the Covert Actions pdf from last year's Kickstarter campaign. It runs to 175 pages and has six scenarios.

Puddle Become Lakes is set in 1970 where a routine, if unpleasant mission to silence a nosy journalist proves more complicated than first thought when the investigators discover that her research exposes not only espionage and treason, but tendrils of eldritch conspiracy.

1972 set The Forcing Move takes the investigators to Reykjavik, where the World Chess Championship
reflects in microcosm the paranoia and weirdness of the Cold War. As reality crumbles around the investigators, they must complete an increasingly complicated mission that risks the very reputation of Section 46.

Cadenza set in 1974 where the Turkish invasion of Cyprus forms the backdrop to deadly decisions with potentially awful consequences. I've played a playtest of this one before, good fun.

Guardians of the Forest is set in East Timor in 1974 where the agents aid Australian SIS as the country moves from being a Portuguese colonial state to independence.

Operation Header can be set any time during the Seventies and involves a Arctic DEW Line station.

The final scenario in The Unclean set in Moscow again any time during the Seventies and involves a defection and the potential for obtaining a list of Soviet agents in the West.

A bit of a long wait for this book with a print version probably a couple of months away. But, based on the one scenario I've played it seems that it will be a good basis for games of Cold War spy paranoia.
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