About gifts & weaknesses

Keltia is a roleplaying game of exciting adventure set in Dark Age Britain where Arthurian legends and Celtic myths are real.
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About gifts & weaknesses

Post by Sylvanna » Sat Jun 04, 2016 12:47 pm

I just received my hard copy of Keltia and looking around this great piece of work and art I found that the system explanation for some Gifts & Weaknesses are a bit vague.
How can you put in system rules some descriptions like:
- Beloved of Llŷr>> Bonuses to sailor skills? How much bonus?
- Blessed by Fate >> Some extra Furor points?
- Brawler >> Bonuses to hit & damage rolls with bare hands?
- Brave >> +1 or +2 to MD to overcome fear effects & spells?
- Colossus >> +1 extra points in both STR & VIG? +2 bonus to HPs & +1 to Intimidation skill rolls?
- Cold >> -2 to all COM attribute related skill rolls (Eloquence, Negotiation & Seduction). Intimidation is unaffected.
- Distracted >> -2 to Perception rolls involving surprise attacks & ambushes. Also if a task involves more than 1 hour of concentration, the character should roll TEN (dif. 14, Average) or leave it in favour of doing something else.
- Fearful >> -2 to MD to overcome the feature of his/her fear (the night, wolves, fire, the sea…).
I could give my points of view in every single one but as example I think it´s enough. On a diceless system could be ok but in a RPG dice-based, it should be kept in mind.

Anyway, I´m new and maybe the senior players/narrators have a way to dal with and in this case I´ll be glad to know about it.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: About gifts & weaknesses

Post by Corone » Mon Jun 06, 2016 3:12 pm

Ah, the section you are looking for is page 114.

Gifts and Weaknesses each do the same mechanical thing,
but the particular gift or weakness defines where it can be used.

A gift lets you add another D10 to any test when the gift seems applicable,
For instance, adding 1D10 to a fear test if you have 'Brave'

A weakness allows the GM to hit you with it once per session if it is applicable.
In this case one of the dice you keep for a test must be the lowest one.
For instance, a character with 'Hedonist' might be forced to do this when asked to resist a seduction attempt.

Having said that, adding more options for a more 'merits and flaws' style game sounds a cool idea.

Hope thats useful! :)
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