Keltia: What are folks doing with it?

Keltia is a roleplaying game of exciting adventure set in Dark Age Britain where Arthurian legends and Celtic myths are real.
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Keltia: What are folks doing with it?

Post by Evocatus » Thu Jun 04, 2015 8:47 pm

As it says, I'm interested to know hoe folks are using the ruleset/setting now that it is out - are you running the campaign? Altering the storyline? Using the setting and either have the current storyline as background or ignoring it altogether?

Something else entirely?

Since it's my question, I'll go first - I'm using the basic ruleset but am running it in the Hellfrost setting (ostensibly a Savage Worlds setting). I find that by combining Yggdrasill and Keltia, you can practically replicate most of the cultures in Hellfrost. It has been working well and am really warming to the Keltia/Ygg system.

I'm thinking of taking it further and possibly trying a Hyborian Age game, probably starting out on the borders of Asgard and Cimmeria. Again, I think the cultures overlap well and should easily fit within the premise.

I would really like to try my hand at a historical setting, but that's not always the easiest concept - do you allow any magic? A little? How much is too much? Slippery slope. I think it could work well but, without the stock villains inherent in monsters, I can see where you might tread the path of the mundane, Blacksmith: The RPG, or fall-off into the grim-dark, "hey, boys - let's raid the neighboring village," and all that might entail. Clearly, if you set-up your premise correctly, you could make a bit of both work and there's plenty of historical fodder to both draw from and/or find points of insertion. I've just never seen it done really well.

In any event, enough about me - how are you using the system?

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Re: Keltia: What are folks doing with it?

Post by artaxerxes » Mon Jun 15, 2015 1:55 pm

Our Narrator is running a Prequel to Bernard Cornwell's Warlord trilogy.

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Re: Keltia: What are folks doing with it?

Post by Varon » Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:30 pm

I have no tabletop RPG experience currently, so I'll probably be sticking to the campaign for a while and working out my own stories to tell in the world. Eventually, I think I'll run a campaign in a world I'm building for the books I'm writing, just to experiment and see how it transfers. I thought about doing that with other systems, but Keltia seemed the closest, setting wise, to what I had in mind.
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