Valour and Fear

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Robin Smallburrow
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Re: Valour and Fear

Post by Robin Smallburrow » Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:40 pm

See the discussion below, I raised similar concerns IIRC:


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Re: Valour and Fear

Post by atgxtg » Thu Aug 03, 2017 1:54 pm

I think what might work would be if failing a fear test raised the difficulty tasks that require facing the fear. It makes sense too, since it would be a lot more difficult for someone to, say, fight a spider effectively, if he is deathly afraid of them.

Or, if you want to make the penalty for failing a fear test more severe, the character could just lose a point of Hope.

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Re: Valour and Fear

Post by Yepesnopes » Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:42 pm

Robin Smallburrow wrote:
Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:40 pm
See the discussion below, I raised similar concerns IIRC:


Robin S
Thanks for pointing me towards this discussion

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Re: Valour and Fear

Post by jamesrbrown » Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:51 am

So, I was thinking more about Fear tests and a section about "Sources of Fear." For Corruption, we have four main sources: Anguish, Blighted Places, Misdeeds, and Tainted Treasure.

But for Fear, we could have: Dreadful Foes, Anguish, Blighted Places, and Peril. What do you think?

Yes, Anguish and Blighted Places make both lists, but that is because I think they could easily go either way (or both ways, i.e., it may be appropriate to call for a Corruption test and a Valour test during the same episode for similar reasons).

If acceptable, each category would need to be fully explained in a few paragraphs, especially why and how the source of Fear could keep a hero from spending Hope.

For "Consequences of Corruption," we have: Bouts of Madness and Degeneration.

Again, I'm just throwing stuff out there, but for "Consequences of Fear," we could have: Panic and Dread.

Panic could be described as either freezing up, fighting recklessly, or fleeing a source of fear whenever a Fear test is failed with an Eye (freeze, fight, or flight). The choice would be up to the player.
  • Freezing up could prevent a hero from taking any actions at all for a number of rounds equal to 7 minus his Valour score (or something similar).
  • Fighting recklessly would force a hero to confront the object of his fear with abandon. While doing so, he would be considered greatly hindered in addition to being unable to spend Hope.
  • Fleeing from the source of Fear is obvious in its affect on the story, although use of the Escape combat task may be needed in a combat situation.
Like Degeneration, Dread could lead to the development of Flaws. But in this case, each Flaw could be based on one of the four sources of Fear, rather than a hero's Shadow weakness. For example, if a hero fails a Fear test showing an Eye when facing a Great Spider, he could develop Fear (Dreadful Foes).

Having a Fear Flaw automatically imposes the restriction of not being able to spend Hope when facing that type of fear, but a Fear test should still be made. If the hero fails, he suffers Panic and Despair rather than Panic and Dread (since he cannot gain a Fear Flaw he already has). Despair causes him to lose 1 point of Hope on a failure and 2 points of Hope on an Eye.

Invoking Fear Flaws
Once a hero possesses a Fear Flaw, the Loremaster can invoke it to trigger a Feat-reroll or a Failure Aggravation in the same way he would for other Flaws. [This needs to be explained more and examples need to be written.]

Players could be given the option of spending 1 point of Courage to remove a Fear Flaw (but only after passing a Fear test associated with the object of his fear with a great or extraordinary success).

Specific Fears
An alternate to the four Fear Flaws would be to allow an unlimited number of specific Fear Flaws. This would allow for things like Fear (Great Spider), Fear (Gruesome Killing), Fear (Blight), or Fear (Fire), etc. Anytime a hero faces his fear and fails the Fear test, he suffers Panic and Despair as described above.

Those are my thoughts for now.
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Re: Valour and Fear

Post by Yepesnopes » Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:55 am

I fully agree with the Anguish and Blighted Places.

As for the addition you propose, I would like to have something along the lines. I have been a long time player of Warhammer and CoC, definitely if there is something I miss from TOR is a more developed rules on the impact of fear and terror, something like the ones you propose. Ah! and some rules for diseases :twisted:

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