A New Culture the Istari

The unique One Ring rules set invites tinkering and secondary creation. Whilst The One Ring works brilliantly as written, we provide this forum for those who want to make their own home-brewed versions of the rules. Note that none of these should be taken as 'official'.
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A New Culture the Istari

Post by Hamarr » Sun May 28, 2017 6:57 pm

I was reading through the AiME fourm, and saw this thread, viewtopic.php?f=60&t=8528 on creating an Istari culture with the idea that perhaps the five wizards were not the only Maia that were sent to Middle-Earth, they were just the greatest in power. But less powerful Maia were sent, they were less knowledgeable and powerful and had to re learn much of their power after being put into Mortal bodies. And there is some evidence for this in Unfinished Tales, so taking Michebugio post and creation for DnD I decided to make the culture for TOR.
Of this Order [of the Istari] the number is unknown; but of those that came to the North of Middle-earth, where there was the most hope (because of the remnant of the Dúnedain and of the Eldar that abode there), the chiefs were five. The first to come was one of noble mien and bearing, with raven hair, and a fair voice, and he was clad in white; great skill he had in works of hand, and he was regarded by well-nigh all, even by the Eldar, as the head of the Order. Others there were also: two clad in sea-blue, and one in earthen brown; and last came one who seemed the least, less tall than the others, and in looks more aged, grey-haired and grey-clad, and leaning on a staff.
This culture is an advanced culture and so follows the same rules as High Elves and Duindain. Heal corruption works the same as High Elves. The Istari Chieftains count as five, but lesser spirits are of an unknown number. When they were placed into physical bodies they lost much of their former knowledge and so must relearn their power, they age more slowly than humans, but age does appear on their faces, while their spirits are immortal their bodies are flawed and mortal and they suffer the same weariness of man. Most of these lesser beings are wanderers with no fixed home, but they are welcome in Rvendell and The Grey Havens. Their standing counts for the High Elf culture.

Standard of Living: Frugal - They are wanderers living off what they find on the road. And the good graces of the Free Folk. But even a Maiar can be turned away as their bearing is often imposing and threatening.

Blessing: Enemy of Shadow: As the High Elf blessing, in addition when doing a rally companions actions rolling a Gandalf Rune on the test all companions gain 1 hope up to maximum. When intimating foe an extra hate is lost by all enemies when rolling a Gandalf rune.

Endurance: 25 Hope: 6

Favored Skill: Inspire

Suggested Callings: Leader, Wanderer Unusual Callings: Slayer, Treasure Hunter

Weapon Skills
Long Sword (favored) 2
Staff 1
Dagger 1

(Bows) 2
Staff 1
Dagger 1

Starting Skills: Awe 2, Craft 2, Inspire 3, Travel 3, Insight 2, Healing 2, Lore 3

Istari of Manwe and Varda
Favored Skill: Travel
Body 4 Heart 7 Wits 3
Just, True-hearted, Cautious, Keen-eyed, Secretive,Fair-spoken, Merry, Patient

Istari of Aule
Favored Skill: Craft
Body 7 Heart 2 Wits 5
Grim, Honorable, Proud, Suspicious, Lordly, Vengeful, Stern, Fair-spoken

Istari of Orome
Favored Skill: Hunting
Body 4 Heart 2 Wits 8
Elusive, Wild, Swift, Nimble, True-hearted, Fierce

Istari of Yavanna
Favored Skill: Song
Body 3 Heart 7 Wits 4
Keen-eyed, Quick of hearing, Wild, Cunning, Merry, Forthright, Generous, Eager

Maia-Blooded (This background are for people who are not full Maia, but have Maia lineage. Someone like Luthian, or Elrond.)
Favored Skill: Healing
Body 2 Heart 5 Wits 7
Merry, Tall, Determined, Lordly, Fair, Just, Proud, Fair-spoken

Istari of Tulkas
Favored Skill: Athletics
Body 7 Heart 3 Wits 4
Merry, Swift, Just, Nimble, Honorable, Wrathful, Grim, Fierce


Wizard Spells - 1. The Speakers: As the Mirkwood Elf Virtue. Spend and undertaking and 1 xp to learn the next spell.
2. Skill of the Maia: As Skill of the Eldar. Spend an undertaking and 2 xp to learn the next spell.
3. Light:
When you first take this virture you may spend 2 points of hope to create a bright light from a point you can see. The light lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Wisdom. Creatures with hate sunlight lose 1 hate as long as they can see the light. Creatures with dezinan of the dark fight as weary as long as they see the light. Spend 3 xp and an undertaking to learn a new spell.
4. Fear:
Gain a point of shadow to darken the room, and make your voice sound louder, make yourself appear larger. All enemies must make a Personality test TN 10+your Valor. They flee on a failure, and cower and cannot act for one round if they succeed. Your companions must also make a Fear test if they can see you. Spend 4 xp and an undertaking to learn the next spell.
5. Enchanted Sleep:
You can now force people into an enchanted sleep, spend a point of hope to extinguish your light before it dies naturally. When you do this roll a success die, the amount shown on the die is how many enemies faint and fall into an enchanted sleep. Creatures with an attribute rating less than your Valor.

Foresight of the Maiar: Raise your Wits by 1 (increases favored as well. You may invoke the power of foresight by spending a hope. The LM should give you a piece of valuable information, You can seldom foresee exactly what is to befall, but you may gain clear images of where you should go, places to be wary of, a wanderer you can trust and so forth. If no such information is available – or the Loremaster prefers not to divulge it – once, before the current Adventuring phase is over, you may choose to automatically succeed at either an attack roll, skill test, valor or wisdom test. (your Foresight led to a sudden bout of insight or deeper understanding that helped you at a key moment).
Elbereth Githonial: (As High Elf virtue)
Might of the Valar: (As Might of the Firstborn)
Emissary of the West: The purpose you were sent to Middle-Earth for has an importance that surpasses even the boundaries of life, death and mortal flesh. If your task is critical and you prove worthy, you may be sent back to complete your mission.

If, during play, you would normally be killed in an heroic manner (for example sacrificing yourself for your companions, or trying to defeat a great and ancient evil), your spirit may be sent back and your body brought back to life.
When this happens, your body is completely healed and cured of any condition that affected it before your death. Missing limbs regrow and any aging you suffered is erased. You may appear slightly younger, or somehow different, but people you knew still recognize you.
You retain memories of the time before your death, but they are somehow dimmed, except for important matters. Thus, you may experience difficulty when first remembering your own name and acquaintances, but the purpose and the details of any mission you had before your death are still perfectly clear.
Your personality may also change a bit. (You may change any or all of your traits, you can also change your calling and choose new favored skills and gain a different calling trait) Any flaws you accrued are erased but the permeant shadow are not. Discuss with the Loremaster what are the changes and how they affect your character: he may look more austere or lordly, less prone to laughter, or simply more straightforward. When you come back raise your heart by 1, as you are renewed of spirt. You may only use this virtue once.

Lesser Ring: (As High Elf reward)
Books and Maps of Forbidden Lore: (As High Elf reward)
Elven Brooch: Once a session you may change a eye of Sauron to a Gandalf rune, your standing also counts towards Elves of Lorien as well as High Elves.
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Re: A New Culture the Istari

Post by Otaku-sempai » Sun May 28, 2017 8:44 pm

"Istari of Alue" should be Istari of Istari of Aulë.

It's interesting that you included "Istari of Tulkus' (should be Tulkas) as Tulkas did not sponsor any of the five Istari chiefs of Tolkien's essay. Let me add here a quick run-down of the Valar (I'm omitting Melkor/Morgoth):

The Valar
Name and Title / Suggested Domains / Chief Istari
Aulë the Smith (called 'Mahal' by the Dwarves) / Crafts, Smithing / Curumo (Curunír, Saruman the White)
Estë the Gentle (wife of Irmo) / Healing, Rest / none known
Irmo (Lórien), Master of Dreams and Desires / Dreams, Visions, Rest / none known
Manwë Súlimo, King of the Valar / Air, Weather, Birds / Olórin (Mithrandir, Gandalf the Grey, Incánus, Tharkûn)
Mandos (Námo), Judge of the Dead / Fate, Judgement, Death / none known
Nessa the Dancer (wife of Tulkas) / Dance, Deer / none known
Nienna, Lady of Mercy / Grief, Pity, Healing / none known
Oromë Aldaron, the Great Rider / Hunting, Riding / Morinehtar (Alatar), Rómestámo (Pallando)
Tulkas Astaldo, Champion of Valinor / Strength, Prowness / none known
Ulmo, King of the Sea / Waters, Music / none known
Vairë the Weaver (wife of Mandos) / Time, Weaving / none known
Vána the Ever-young (wife of Oromë) / Flowers, Birds / none known
Varda, Queen of the Stars (wife of Manwë) / Light, Stars / Olórin (Mithrandir, Gandalf the Grey, Incánus, Tharkûn)
Yavanna Kementári, Giver of Fruits (wife of Aulë) / Life, Plants, Beasts / Aiwendil (Radagast the Brown)
"Far, far below the deepest delvings of the Dwarves, the world is gnawed by nameless things. Even Sauron knows them not. They are older than he."

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Re: A New Culture the Istari

Post by Hamarr » Sun May 28, 2017 9:00 pm

Ohh, my bad. I know Tulkas did not sponsor anyone but I didn't want separate backgrounds for both Varda and Manwe since Gandalf was sent by both of them. I figured that if there were an unknown amount of lesser Istari that perhaps some of the other Valar would have sponsored those one. I suppose I could split the King and Queen of the Valar into two backgrounds, maybe get rid of the Maiar-blooded one too and change it to Istari of Este since Melian served Este and Vana.

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