Adjusting Rangers and High Elves

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Re: Adjusting Rangers and High Elves

Post by Otaku-sempai » Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:57 pm

Glorelendil wrote:O-S, I owe you an apology: somewhere along the line (I think because the appropriate section in Rivendell is titled "Heroic Cultures") I got my terms crossed. Yes, I meant "advanced" or "expert" cultures...whatever Dúnedain and Noldor are as a category.

My bad.
No worries, Glor. You can probably tell from an earlier post that I eventually figured that out. If anyone really feels a need for a 'lesser' Dúnedain Culture, though, I suggest that its Basic Attributes total should be at 15, the same as for the Men of Minas Tirith. I still suggest using a 'lost' Heroic Culture that could have slipped through the cracks of Tolkien's 'scholarship' such as a remnant of the people of Cardolan and/or Rhudaur, who's bloodlines have been weakened through intermarriage with lesser Men.
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Re: Adjusting Rangers and High Elves

Post by Glorelendil » Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:29 pm

Yeah I kind of agree about the 15 points, but lordy do I dislike XP penalties... Honestly I'd rather just have a cultural "blessing" that's really more of a curse. (Admittedly the MoMT one is pretty cool.)

Anyway, since I'm not sure how much progress I'm going to make on this, just thought I'd share a Virtue I was sketching out. The specifics probably need tweaking.

"Fair & Foul"
"You still carry some of the majesty of your forebears and can call on it when needed, but doing so carries a risk that it will draw undue attention, so you have learned to mask your identity and heritage."
- In any Social Encounter you automatically have bonus dice equal to your Wisdom or Valour, whichever is greater, but for each one you use you increase your Eye Awareness by 1 for the rest of the session.
- You may reduce your own Eye Awareness to 0, but for the rest of the session the Tolerance of any Social Encounter with strangers is reduced by 1.
In each session you can only use one of these abilities.

(I'll admit I'm not a fan of "per session" abilities.)
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