New Weapon: Sling

The unique One Ring rules set invites tinkering and secondary creation. Whilst The One Ring works brilliantly as written, we provide this forum for those who want to make their own home-brewed versions of the rules. Note that none of these should be taken as 'official'.
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Re: New Weapon: Sling

Post by Otaku-sempai » Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:39 am

Now that the Player's Guide for Adventures in Middle-earth has been available for a while now, I've taken the time to reconsider my interpretation of the Sling for The One Ring, scaling it back a bit:

Damage: 3
Edge: 10
Injury: 12
Called Shot: Piercing blow regardless of the outcome of the Feat die.
Notes: Ranged weapon (as Bow). Encumbrance rating is 0.

I do believe that the Sling is under-powered, but this brings it more in line with the weapon as it is described in D&D 5e. I am not altering this to reflect the more limited range given in the description in AiMe, though. Real-world slingers seem to be able to achieve a range comparable to that of bows.
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