Flipped tolerance in Encounters

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Re: Flipped tolerance in Encounters

Post by mica » Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:06 am

I have been using the flipped Tolerance for a few sessions now and admit that it does appear to be a better system. The only difference I make is that I base the initial tolerance on local standing of the person doing the introduction with a +1 modifier for valour/wisdom (as appropriate) values of 4 or better. This makes circumstance modifiers a little more important (such as the negative for one character always insisting on turning up with his feck-off great boar spear and intimidating anyone that would suggest for example that he leave it outside during the funeral service) and where there are different local standings gives a reason for different characters to step up.
Personally speaking I prefer it when 4-5 skill checks is going to the limit. Cuts down a little on waffle (depending how many beers into the session we are) and encourages the use of hope as every roll counts.

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