Pipe making

The unique One Ring rules set invites tinkering and secondary creation. Whilst The One Ring works brilliantly as written, we provide this forum for those who want to make their own home-brewed versions of the rules. Note that none of these should be taken as 'official'.
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Pipe making

Post by tfleming5652 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 5:27 pm

I was tinkering around with the idea's of things to do while adventuring. Tell me what you guys think of the house rules I created for pipe making.

Pipe Making:
First you have to find a piece of wood or clay to build the pipe (Search or Explore test) TN 14
What is the quality of the wood or clay? Roll the feat die and record the result
1-3 Poor quality. This pipe will have a worth of 1 silver piece
4-6 Good quality. This pipe will have a worth of 5 silver pieces
7-9 Rich quality. This pipe will have a worth of 1 gold piece
Gandalf Rune or Eye of Sauron. Amazing quality. This pipe will have a worth of 3 gold pieces. (It can have 1 enchantment. Choose between Relaxing/Peaceful mind OR Concentrate/Converse
Relaxing – Relaxing gives the companion the ability to lower the traveling fatigue by 1 point on a success, 2 on a great success, and 4 on an extra ordinary success (Must pass a Craft test each day on the current adventure TN 16. The travel fatigue is reset to its original number at the beginning of each day) (TN 18 if companion has 4 in craft skill. TN 20 if 5 or 6)
Peaceful Mind – Gives the companion the ability to lower their temporary shadow point(s) by 1 on a success, 2 on a great success, and 3 on a extra ordinary success. (Must pass a craft test. Can only be used once per every 1 year of adventure TN 16) (TN 18 if companion has 4 in craft skill. TN 20 if 5 or 6)
It also allows the companion to regain their character during a bout of madness, or to shake off the miserable state. This can be done once per adventure by passing a craft test TN 16 (TN 18 if companion has 4 in craft skill. TN 20 if 5 or 6)
Concentrate – Gives the companion the ability to automatically succeed in hunter, guide (direction), lookout, and scout duties once per day while adventuring. Must pass craft test TN 16 (TN 18 if companion has 4 in craft skill. TN 20 if 5 or 6)
Converse – Gives a free attribute bonus during encounters, and conversations once per adventure. Must pass craft test TN 16 (TN 18 if companion has 4 in craft skill. TN 20 if 5 or 6)

Creating your pipe is the only way to enjoy the benefits. You cannot buy a pipe, or trade for a pipe to gain these benefits. Each day the companion is allowed to use one of their 2 task rolls to craft their pipe by rolling a craft test TN 14. If successful, the companion may roll the feat die. Eye of Sauron automatically breaks the wood/clay, and pipe is ruined. The companion must search again for the wood or clay to begin crafting another pipe. Rolling 1-6 means that you are coming along good in your work. Rolling 7-10 means that you are able to finish your pipe on the current adventure. Rolling a Gandalf Rune allows the companion to upgrade the quality of their pipe. If the wood/clay is already of rich quality, the companion is allowed to search for gemstones in local water source, or mine to add them to their pipe. This will raise the worth of the pipe by 10 silver pieces. You MUST roll a Gandalf rune or Eye of Sauron while searching for your materials in order for your pipe to be considered Amazing. This cannot be achieved by upgrading.

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Re: Pipe making

Post by Glorelendil » Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:22 am

A couple of reactions:

First, a gold piece is a LOT of money in TOR, so having a 25% chance of making an item worth that much on a single Craft roll would be...unprecedented. In general, really, I wouldn't introduce something that encouraged players to start trying to make money by crafting items.

Second, I could be cautious about introducing new rules that confer mechanical advantage based on traits or common skill usage. Reducing Shadow and Fatigue are important and often challenging; with these rules a player would be stupid to not craft pipes at every opportunity, selling the duds and "fishing" for one that would help with fatigue and shadow management. It would start to feel a bit MMO like ("gotta go farm my Fel Lotus to craft a flask for the next raid....") I don't think that's the result you're looking for.

In general I would let any player with Smoking trait either
- Craft a functional pipe, no roll needed
- Get a companion with higher Craft skill to make it, under their direction
- Get an NPC craftsman to make one, in which case maybe some social skills are needed
Let the player describe their new pipe however they want, and hopefully work it into the narrative later. Maybe when invoking their Smoking trait?

The only time I would ask for a Craft roll is if the player has a specific goal. For example, maybe they are anticipating an audience with a personage who they've never met but they've heard enjoys a bit of pipeweed on occasion, so they want to give him/her a gift of an especially fine pipe. In that case have them roll Craft; the number of successes might translate into bonus dice during the social encounter.
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Re: Pipe making

Post by Rich H » Fri Jan 05, 2018 4:17 pm

And those characters with the Smoking trait could apply it to their Craft or Song Heal Corruption fellowship phase undertaking in order to guarantee at least healing some Shadow; your particularly well made pipe bestows these curative benefits when you invoke your trait in such a way. Simple and exactly what traits should be used for.
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Re: Pipe making

Post by Indur Dawndeath » Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:55 pm

If you want this House rule, then I advise you to at least modify it.
Crafting a pipe should not generate treasure, Instead it should cost treasure to attempt the craft test.
TNs should not go up with higher skill, Instead have it fixed at 20 minus 2 per great material used. I.e. Mallorn wood...
Quality should not be determined by the FD, but the success: Great, Extraordinary...
It should add to encumbrance.
Use fellowship phase to get pipe weed. Number of uses in the next adventure phase equal to Success
Now you can have some benefits, without Breaking the game.


EDIT. If you want it to have some enchantment, you’ll need to tax some XP and or Permanent Shadow.
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