Narrator's Screen and Book of Magnakai

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Narrator's Screen and Book of Magnakai

Post by Bremenno » Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:16 pm

Hi all!

first of all pleased to meet you, first time here for me :)

A couple questions, I don't know if these have been answered somewhere, someplace: is the Narrator's Screen a KS esclusive or will it be released in physical copy sooner or later in standard stores?

And...the book I really am looking forward to is Book of the Magnakai. I know that with Joe sad passing everything slowed down, as inevitable, but was any news on the status of this book released? DO you think it is still planned to be made?

I think I read somewhere that it should have been the next in the line after Terror and Sommerlund, but of course plans may have changed in the meanwhile.

Thanks for your time!

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Re: Narrator's Screen and Book of Magnakai

Post by PhilOfCalth » Fri Oct 27, 2017 11:22 am

The GM screen was never mentioned as a backer exclusive, so I'd assume that it will be released sooner or later.

Book of the Magnakai was mentioned in passing by the devs during the KS, and some of the existing books make hinting references to magnakai disciplines. However, as you mentioned, everything has slowed down, and no official mention of the book has ever come out. At least none that I noticed and I check the website most days. So the simple answer is, hopefully we'll see a book of the magnakai.

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