Realm of Sommerlund news?

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Realm of Sommerlund news?

Post by RobertF » Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:45 am

Any news about the Realm of Sommerlund sourcebook?

I'm planning an adventure in the Durncrag Mts, and there are some tantalizing place names in the Sommerlund map that would make for fun adventure hooks. Perhaps the new sourcebook will flesh out the details?

For example, there's a Bronin Mine located some 20 miles south of Shadow Pass, very close to the border with The Darklands. I can see Darklord Zagarna plotting to seize the mines to secure the valuable metal ores - unless the Kai intervene in time. This would also be an opportunity to introduce my players to other Magnamund races, specifically the Dwarves of Bor - I can see King Myranar III hiring a company of skilled Dwarven miners to work the mine.

There's also a Shianti Temple not far from the mine, another potential adventure. Although I can't tell if the temple is still "functioning" or if it lies in ruins? If the latter, perhaps rumors of an ancient & powerful Shianti artifact hidden deep in the temple have attracted the attention of looters, including some in the pay of the Darklords. The Kai must race to find the treasure before the Enemy lays claim to it.

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Re: Realm of Sommerlund news?

Post by silverfoxdmt73 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:10 am

From the last KS update, the PDF of the book should be available to backers some time in August... So possibly not that long to go. No update on physical copies or wider distribution though.

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