First game

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First game

Post by Darkzlorf » Thu Jan 12, 2017 5:00 am

Got to play the LoneWolf Rpg the other day with a few friends, we started with the first intro adventure.
Big fan of the original lonewolf CYOA types of books and have run a 5e game follow similar story to Flight from the Dark.
Character creation was straight forward and easy to follow, we opted for the master level creation rules.
A summary of the skills,traits and disciplines would have been handy a this stage for quickly viewing benefits as well as when we played, I thinking some home made cards with key info would be handy so characters can refer to them during the game.

Just to note - The narrator ran this with zero prep, so we were learning as we played.

A few times we didnt have a skill that was called for during the adventure - I couldn't see anything about using skills untrained so we just used a similar skill, ie tracking and/or hunting. I suppect you could roll against a skill at -2 or roll 2d10 and take the lowest,ala 5e adv/disadv rules.

The combat system was quick, just had to get use to the one combat roll per round, whether the hero attacked or the enemy. Armour felt very powerful as the combat chart skews the damage in favour of the the heroes, not much damaged was handed out by the enemy, I got hit 3 times and all damage was reduced to 1. (Defence was 2). Another character had Defence 4 - but was mainly at range. I've noted the armour being powerful has been mentioned in other posts and there are enemies who may be able to pierce it, but at this stage we didn't feel we were in any danger, even again 5 enemies vs 2 heroes. I guess we are Kia Lords so were not expected to die easily, especially on a intro adventure :) - just wondering if this will be a issue later on.

The interest for me comes from the narrator and players investing in the Kai lords and Sommerlund - something we didn't get a great deal a chance to do, due to the low prep. The narrator has already had a chance to read up on the rest of the adventure, too bring the Kai lord history more into the game.

Also interested in the extra classes as well as future releases, especially one if it cover the world of Magnamund and advanced adventures.

Otherall it was fun to play and something will play again - just need to get more familiar with the skills/traits and some of the disciplines.


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Re: First game

Post by PhilOfCalth » Mon Feb 06, 2017 12:33 pm

I've been running the game since the first Beta rules were release for the backers. To answer some of the implied questions:
- If you have a relevant discipline, you can use it instead of the skill.
- If you don't have the skill you just use the associated attribute bonus. EG If you have a cs of 18 and don't have the escape skill you'd roll at +1 when testing it. If you did have escape at +1 you'd roll at +2. If you also had basic camouflage, you'd roll at +3 (that's referred to as a discipline trump and comes with some extra benifits). Also you may have traits that can be added too.
- Armour is powerful. I wouldn't worry about it when you only have 1 or 2 as the GM can counteract it with effects and weapons that by pass it. However, when you get characters with 3 or above they become very tough and I'd suggest the GM come up with some down side.
- The old books were made out that way, so even the weakest characters could take on a few average bad guys, but could be killed by the grind of the adventure. The loss of EP over time brings the tension to the books, and I try to re-produce that in my games.
- Heroes of Magnamund brings you a huge amount of other playable "classes"
- C7 are going to produce more background books, but for now has all the old single player books. The Magnamund Companion is certainly worth the read for your narrator

In general it is a quick, light, fun system. It just requires some adaptation from the GM's part to make it work long term for a given group.

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