Default Weapon and Armour Qualities

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Default Weapon and Armour Qualities

Post by Phantomdoodler » Sat Dec 31, 2016 10:54 am

I am thinking of compiling a list of default weapon and armour qualities for the items listed in Heroes of Magnamund:

Weapons with Default Qualities
Knife (3 GC, Small 3)
Dagger (5 GC, Small 6)
Broadsword (25 GC, Two Hands, Heavy)
Handbolt (2 GC, Small 12)
Lance (15 GC, Two Hands, Reach)

Armour with Default Qualities
Studded Leather Armour (35 GC, Weak)
Hide Armour (45 GC, Weak, Heavy 1)
Chainmail Waistcoat (80 GC, Heavy 2)
Chainmail Hauberk (100 GC, Heavy 3)
Plate Armour (Full) (800 GC, Heavy 5)
Sommlending Type 1 Shield (45 GC, Tiring 3)

New Quality: Weak
Items with this quality are more vulnerable to attack and breakage. After any combat the item is used or worn, make a Luck test. On a failed result, the item is damaged, reducing 1 from all positive qualities, and any CS or Defence bonuses. Armour is never reduced to less than +1 Defence from this wear and tear damage and the item's undamaged Defence bonus is still subtracted from the order of battle, not the current value.These can typically be repaired by a Craft test and access to appropriate tools, each such test restoring 1 point to all lost ratings.

Adding Qualities to Weapons & Armour
Qualities should be added to weapons or armour the characters encounter to create interesting new variants, or create items of quality. Alternatively such weapons may be available for purchase, increasing the base price of the item to reflect this.

The Cleaving quality could be added to an axe to create a wide bladed weapon (bearded axe, battle axe), while larger axes (great axe, Drodarin war axes, pole axes) could have the Heavy or Two hands qualities. Throwing axes would have the Throwing quality, while cheaper tools (wood axe, hand axe) may even have the Improvised quality.

Daggers of any type could have the Quick or Balanced qualities added, while throwing daggers have the Throwing quality, unsurprisingly. Daggers without this could still be thrown, just not as far (perhaps out to close range) and may have a CS penalty when doing so. Larger, heavier daggers may have their Small value reduced. Daggers designed for parrying (main gauche, left-handed dagger, trident dagger) could have the Defensive trait, while the Piercing quality would be added for stilleto daggers and misericordes.
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