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Post by Phantomdoodler » Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:52 pm

Ok so I am taking another look at Armour and Qualities.

Leather Armour
So I think some of these values from Heroes of Magnamund are a little out. Lets look at these:

Chainmail Waistcoat (+2 Defence, cost 80 GC)
Chainmail Hauberk (+3 Defence, costs 100 GC)
Studded Leather Armour (+2 Defence, Cost 35GC)
Hide Armour (+3 Defence, Cost 45 GC)

So looking at this, why would anyone choose to buy chainmail? You are essentially chucking away about 50 GCs which is a huge amount of money in LWAG, You cant even carry more than that! I think there does need to be a mechanical difference between Leather, Studded Leather and Hide however, so I am fine with the Defence bonuses.

A solution would be that leather armour is simply not very durable. Cheap but vulnerable. So the following quality should be mandatory for Studded Leather and Hide Armour:

Armour with this quality is not terribly resistant to blows. After each combat encounter with opponents using weapons, the wearer must reduce the armour's Defence rating by 1, down to a minimum of 1. Such armour is repairable, given access to tools and leather, but requires a few hours work, typically carried out between adventures or by paying a leather worker 5 GC per Defence point restored.

Negative Armour Qualities
It is interesting that Heavy and Tiring are both negative qualities, but not always appropriate for armour. Perhaps these qualities can be applied to cheap armour, maybe reducing the overall cost:

Heavy: -10% per X
Tiring 1: -50%
Tiring 2: -40%
Tiring 3: -30%
Tiring 4: -20%
Tiring 5: -10%

No armour can be reduced to less than 50%. So a Chainmail waistcoat with Heavy 2 and Tiring 3 would reduce the cost to 40 GCs.

Negative qualities could also be added to armour scavenged from the battleground applying a penalty based on how damaged the armour is, or how different it is in six to the scavenger. For example a young Sommlending thief manages to kill a bandit wearing Studded Leather and a Helmet. the Helmet is a little large (Heavy 1) while the Studded Leather armour is ill-fitting and uncomfortable (Tiring 5).
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