LWAG Dice Pool system

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LWAG Dice Pool system

Post by Phantomdoodler » Sat Oct 15, 2016 8:17 am

Heres an idea for a dice pool system. Character generation remains the same.

Roll (or pick) 2 dice to perform an action, adding or subtracting dice based on the attribute, skill level and relevant talent bonuses. So having CS19 (+1) and Acrobatics +2 would result in rolling 5 dice. The GM determines the TV as usual, although reduce these values by 1. So Arduous would be 9, Simple 2 etc. Roll all the dice and count each dice that rolls the TV or more. If you roll a 0, this always counts as a success and you may rollanother d10. The number of successes determines how successful the task was.

For example, Wild Bear has a current EP of 15 and needs to make a Might based test to move a huge boulder which has sealed them in a tomb. His player needs to roll 2 dice, plus 1 for having Might +1. Wild Bear also has the Brawny trait so can add an additional dice, so rolls 4 in total. The GM sets the TV to 7 (Tricky), and the player rolls a 6,2,1 and finally a 7. With a single success, the GM rules that the effort takes several hours, but finally Wild Bear manages to shift the huge weight.

When engaged with a foe, roll 2d10 adding additional d10s based on your CS attribute, plus any bonuses. Your TV is based on the Combat Ratio. Start at 5 and add 1 for each -2 CS, or deduct 1 for every +2 CS producing a result of 1 to 10. For each 10 rolled, roll an additional d10, like a regular skill test. Each success generated inflicts 2 Endurance to the enemy. Each target may also add bonus dice based on the weapon they are using, rated from 1 (a dagger) to 5 (a two handed axe or sword), typically 3. Roll 1 dice for each point of Defence, against a TV of 6. Each success generated reduces the final damage inflicted by 1.

For example, Wild Bear, CS 18, Defence 2 and armed with an Axe (+3 dice) is facing a Giak with CS 15 and Defence 3 and armed with a sword (3 dice). Wild Bear rolls 6 dice to attack, with a TV of 3. The Enemy also rolls 6 dice but with a TV of 7. Wild bear gets 5 successes, while the Giak generates just 2. After taking into consideration Defence, Wild Bear inflicts 9 damage to the Giak, but takes 4 in return.
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