Lone wolf percentile system

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Lone wolf percentile system

Post by Phantomdoodler » Sat Aug 13, 2016 8:21 am

Ok, this is a system based on LWAG but using percentile dice. It is also influenced by WFRP.

Players define their characters by 7 attributes:

Agility (Ag) dexterity, coordination, speed and nimbleness
Strength (St) athletic prowess and brute strength
Endurance (End) toughness, hardiness and fitness
Combat Skill (CS) skill with all weapons and unarmed combat.
Intellect (Int) academic prowess and reasoning
Willpower (WP) ability to resist mental influences, perception and ability to influence others

Determine your attributes by rolling 2d10 +30 6 times and allocating one value to each attribute. This is modified by your race

Duranese +5 Int, +5 WP
Dwarf -10 Ag, +5 CS, +10 End, +5 WP
Ice Barbarian +5 Ag, +5 CS, +10 End, -5 Int, -5 WP
Kloon -10 St, +10 Int, +10 WP
Noodnic +30 Ag,-20 St, -10 CS, +10 WP
Ogron -20 Ag, +20 St, +20 End, -10 Int
Sommlending +5 CS, +5 WP

To succeed at a task, pick two random numbers, one representing the tens, and another representing the digits, treating 00 as 100. You succeed if this is equal to or less than an appropriate attribute, adding +10 to +30 for a relevant skill. The test is modified by the difficulty:

Simple +30
Easy +20
Standard +10
Difficult -
Tricky -10
Complicated -20
Challenging -30
Arduous -40
Nigh-Impossible -50

If this penalty reduces your chance to succeed to less than 1, the action always fails.

Each character may choose 2 skills at +10.

Acrobatics (Ag)
Crafting (Int or WP)
Escape (Ag)
Influence (WP)
Investigate (Int)
Medicine (Int)
Might (St or End)
Occult (Int)
Perception (WP)
Riding (Ag)
Sage (Int)
Stealth (Ag)
Survival (Int or End)
Tinkering (Int)
Vocation (Varies)

To be continued....


Unlike skill tests, combat requires a look on the Combat Results table.Compare your CS with your target and look up the result which indicates how many damage dice are inflicted to each target:

-60 or more. E 1, H 12
-51 to -60 E 2, H 10
-41 to -50 E 3, H 9
-31 to -40 E 4, H 8
-21 to -30 E 5, H 7
-11 to -20 E 6, H 6
-10 to +10 E 7, H 5
+11 to 20. E 8, H 4
+21 to 30. E 9, H 3
+31 to 40. E 10, H 2
+41 to 50. E 12, H 1
+51 to 60. E 14, H 1
+61 or more E 16, H 1

Damage Dice
From the combat results table, roll 1 d10 for each result and add the results together. 10s count as 10's and allow a re roll. All damage is subtracted from the targets 7 stats, depending on the attackers choice. Physical damage can only inflict Agility, Strength or Endurance damage. Mental damage can only reduce Willpower or Intellect damage. Each weapon also has its own damage dice bonus.

If you are hit by your target, roll 1 d10 for each point of Defence, counting 10's as 10 and reroll the dice. Subtract this result from any damage inflicted.

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