Narrator's Toolkit- Weapon Qualities

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Re: Narrator's Toolkit- Weapon Qualities

Post by Phantomdoodler » Sun Jun 14, 2015 8:22 am

Nice work Badger! I like. A lot!
Justin Wyatt

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Re: Narrator's Toolkit- Weapon Qualities

Post by silverfoxdmt73 » Mon Jun 15, 2015 4:26 pm

I am currently working on expanding the list of avaiable weapons and armour for the LWAG. While I don't want to have things as complex as D&D or GURPS etc, I do want to have a greater choice among the basic weapon list available.

As an example I have expanded the 'Axe' category as shown below. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to post here.

Weapon .....Skill ........Cost .....Traits
Axe .............Axe ........8 gc .....Cleaving (1)
Hatchet ..........." ........6 gc .....Throwing, Small (2)
War Axe .........." .......10 gc .....Cleaving (2)
Battle Axe ........" .......25 gc .....Heavy, Cleaving (2)
Great Axe ........" .......40 gc .....Two Hands, Cleaving (3), Impact (2)

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Re: Narrator's Toolkit- Weapon Qualities

Post by Bewildered Badger » Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:23 pm

Nice idea Silverfox!
Here's a few daggers. Some might not be daggers in the literal sense, but they are all close enough that someone with Weaponskill: Daggers can claim the bonus. Prices are approximate only, and can be lower or higher due to circumstances.

Basic Knife (2GC, Small (6))
A simple blade with a handle. More of a tool and eating utensil than a weapon, though it can certainly be used as such. Carried by practically everyone, even the peasants in Sommerlund would have one of these. Any blacksmith can knock one of these up in a couple of hours, assuming he doesn't have a few in stock already.

Throwing Knife (3GC, Small (6), Throwing)
Balanced for throwing, these are often carried by assassins. Require a weapon-smith or very skilled blacksmith to make.

Fighting Knife (4GC, Small (6), Quick)
Typically issued to soldiers and guards as a back up weapon in case they lose their main weapon. Very common around military establishments, and quite common everywhere else. There's always a chance someone will be willing to sell off grandad's old knife.

Dagger (5GC, Small (6), Quick, Throwing)
A dedicated fighting weapon designed for thrusting, stabbing attacks, though most have enough of a blade to be used for cutting and slashing. Requires a bit more workmanship than a Basic Knife, but is well balanced both for melee fighting and throwing.

Parrying Dagger (5GC, Small (6), Quick, Defensive (1))
With a wide cross guard, this Dagger is designed to let you catch incoming attacks. Often used in the off hand whilst the on hand carries a larger main weapon. Quite rare, weapon-smiths in cities and military establishments may stock a small number. It would take several days for even a competent weapon-smith to make one to order.

Superior Dagger (10GC minimum, Small (6), Quick, Throwing, Versatile)
These superbly crafted weapons are very rare, few people need a dagger this well made. Anyone who needs a fighting weapon will typically pick up a sword or other weapon than spend the money needed to make a dagger of this quality. Apart from the craftsmen at the Kai Monastery, there are few in Sommerlund with the necessary skill. Some master smiths in the Stornlands can make them, as can associates of the Assassin's Guild in Kadan.
Superior Daggers are typically custom made, and the intricate decoration on the handle may feature the insignia of it's owner (or not, in the case of the Assassins). At extra cost they may be further decorated with precious metals and gems. Even without such additions, these are works of art.
Anyone making these is not going to mess around with inferior quality metals. In Sommerlund, these will be made from Sommerlending Steel. Adjust the price and the stats accordingly.

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Re: Narrator's Toolkit- Weapon Qualities

Post by silverfoxdmt73 » Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:26 pm


This is exactly what I think we need to see in future books, more detailed description of weapons (and armour) that allows Narrators to give players freedom to personalise their Heroes and make them stand out from the others.

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Re: Narrator's Toolkit- Weapon Qualities

Post by August Hahn » Mon Jun 22, 2015 8:07 pm

In future books, yes.

As you can understand, the LWAG initially provides the tools and framework you need to expand things out and do your own work as Narrators and Players alike.


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Re: Narrator's Toolkit- Weapon Qualities

Post by Bewildered Badger » Fri Jul 10, 2015 12:11 pm

I've been thinking more about Small weapons. Being able to carry more is useful, but their size could make them a liability in combat. Earlier I suggested a straight -2CS penalty when facing Heavy weapons, but it occurred to me that the penalty should be dependent on the size of the weapon. So-

Small (X): Small weapons can be carried in multiples. (X) is how many weapons of this type count as a single weapon for carrying purposes. Most Small weapons have a special sort of sheath, case or bandoleer that holds them when not in use.
When used against a weapon with Two Handed or Heavy, Small weapons suffer a penalty equivalent to half the 'X' value, rounded up. This does not apply if you dual wield and the second weapon is not Small (i.e. a Dagger and a Sword). If you dual wield with two Small Weapons, the penalty does not stack.
Small Weapons cannot be used two handed.

So, a Dagger with Small 6 would be fine in most combat. Up against an opponent with a Heavy weapon, then a whopping -3CS applies. Not as bad as being unarmed, but still a disadvantage. A Hatchet (Small 2) would be at -1CS in the same fight.

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Re: Narrator's Toolkit- Weapon Qualities

Post by Bewildered Badger » Fri Jul 24, 2015 5:23 pm

Over on the Myth Weavers board spykee pointed out that axes, because of their shape, were at an advantage when trying to disarm opponents. They could also be used to pull an enemy's shield out of the way, allowing a comrade to get a strike in. So, here's my suggestion as to how to deal with that. As always, comments and criticisms are welcome.

Disarm: The weapon's shape allows it to hook weapons out of an opponents hands. Add +1 to any Disarm Technique rolls.
Alternatively it can be used to momentarily pull shields out of the way. This requires a Disarm roll (the +1 does not apply for this). If successful, the target cannot claim any shield bonus until the start of the next combat round.

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Re: Narrator's Toolkit- Weapon Qualities

Post by Bewildered Badger » Fri Nov 20, 2015 8:19 pm


The swords of Magnamund come in various types. Sabres, cutlasses, scimitars, the arming sword of Sommerlund and the Black Steel blades of the Darklands. Swords can also be made to different levels of quality, from crudely beaten metal or master-crafted examples of the smith's art. Poor quality weapons are a lot cheaper than better made ones, but have their own price...

Poor Quality Swords.
These might be made with inferior materials, or by unskilled labour. Or perhaps this was once a decent blade now rusty through neglect. At any rate, it offers no Qualities. Worse, every time it is used it runs the risk of damage to the blade.
In game turns, every time a 1 is rolled during combat, flip the Luck token. If Naar's face shows the blade is damaged. From now on reduce the damage done with this sword by one point. This effect will stack (so if it fails three times the sword will do three points less damage per hit)
Poor Quality Swords will cost 4-6 GC each, and can often be found on ancient battlefields or in the hands of bandits and thieves.

Basic Quality Swords.
Better made and maintained, but still nothing special. Regardless of type it offers no Qualities. It's more reliable though. Cost 10 GC. Commonly available. Most rank and file swordsmen will have one of these.

Good Quality Swords.
These are well made and are used mainly by professional soldiers and mercenaries. Here the type of the weapon has an effect, giving specific Qualities. Some examples are:

Arming Sword: (Versatile, 25GC)The typical weapon of Sommerlund soldiers.

Sabre (Cleaving 1, 15GC). A single edged weapon favoured by cavalry. (Optional Rule: Increase Cleaving to 2 if used from horseback)

Cutlass (Cleaving 1, 15GC). A type of Sabre popular with sailors, pirates and marines. It's short length makes it handy in confined spaces. (Optional Rule: In close terrain the Cutlass gives +1 CS against opponents whose weapons may be to large to use effectively.)

Scimitar (Quick, 20GC). A wide bladed sword typically found in Vassagonia.

Darklands Sword. (Piercing 1, 20GC). Made from Black Steel, these foul weapons have a saw toothed edge.

A Player Character wishing a better version can purchase one by paying the listed price and adding additional Qualities for the extra amount listed by Phantomdoodler in the first post of this forum thread. So a Kai Lord wanting a Quick Arming source would pay the listed cost (25GC) plus 10GC extra for Quick. 35GC is pricey, but in battle it could be worth it.

Durenese Swords.
The smiths of Durenor are noted for the decorative embellishments they add to their weapons. At the very least this will increase the cost by 20% just for elaborate detailing. Typically semi-precious stones are added, increasing the price a further 5-10GC.

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Re: Narrator's Toolkit- Weapon Qualities

Post by silverfoxdmt73 » Mon Nov 30, 2015 3:42 pm

New Weapon Trait – SLOW: As opposed to weapons with the Quick trait, those listed as Slow knock the wielder down the order of battle by one due to the unbalanced or unwieldy nature of the weapon.



Axe: A short hafted weapon with a single- or double-bladed head for sweeping, hacking blows.

Axe, 8gc, Cleaving (1)

Hatchet: A smaller weapon with a single bladed head, balanced for throwing.

Hatchet, 6gc, Throwing, Small (2)

Battle Axe: Specifically designed for combat, the Battle Axe has a longer haft designed to be gripped with both hands for added power.

Battle Axe, 25gc, Heavy, Cleaving (2)

Great Axe: A devastating weapon if used in the right hands. Either single or double-headed, the Great Axe is used two handed where it can be used to literally sweep aside enemies.

Great Axe, 40gc, Two Hands, Slow*, Cleaving (3), Impact (2)


Bow: A ranged weapon consisting of either a single limb or a pair of limbs joined by a handle and a taut string. Bows fire arrows, sharp-tipped projectiles usually kept in multiples in a specialized pouch called a quiver.

Bow, 25gc, Two Hands, Ranged

Short Bow: Firing arrows just like a regular bow, the Short Bow is, as the name suggests consists of smaller limbs and as a result is easier to use while mounted or in the great forests of Northern Magnamund. Due to its smaller size a Short Bow cannot be used at all at Far range.

Short Bow, 20gc, Two Hands, Ranged

Long Bow: Using longer limbs the Long Bow can reach Far range without suffering a penalty to END loss. The downside is that it is more expensive to produce and more difficult to use in enclosed spaces such as narrow tunnels and in densely packed woodlands.

Long Bow, 30gc, Two Hands, Ranged, Piercing (1)

Crossbow: Mechanically the same as bows, i.e. it uses wooden limbs coupled to a bow string to fire projectiles, the Crossbow is entirely different in its operation and is more like a firearm as it uses a trigger mechanism to fire the bolt - a shortened arrow - from the device. It does not depend on the user's physical strength to inflict damage but it does require 'reloading' after each shot is fired. As a result it can only be fired once every other Combat Round.

Crossbow*, 50gc, Two Hands, Ranged, Impact (1), Piercing (1)


Dagger: A short bladed weapon often designed as much for concealment as for combat.

Dagger, 5gc, Quick, Throwing, Small (6)

Stiletto: A small, easily concealed weapon with a very slim blade designed to pierce weak spots in a target’s armour.

Stiletto, 8gc, Quick, Piercing (1), Small (6)


Mace: Consisting of a heavy bludgeoning head and a stout metal handle, this blunt weapon is very effective at crushing armour and foes alike.

Mace, 10gc, Impact (2)

Club/Cudgel: A simple length of wood or other similarly hard material with a handle at one end and a heavier, weighted end used to bludgeon a foe.

Club/Cudgel, 2gc

Morningstar: While similar in basic design to a mace, the Morningstar had a long wooden handle and a spiked metal head.

Morningstar, 20gc, Heavy, Impact (2), Piercing (1)


Quarterstaff: A long, well-balanced pole, typically wooden (crafted from Sommlending oak), often constructed with small weights embedded in either end for more striking power.

Quarterstaff, 1gc, Heavy, Defensive (1)


Sword: A bladed weapon with a measured balance between speed, heft, and striking power.

Sword, 10gc, Versatile

Cutlass: A short handled, heavy bladed weapon often used by sailors.

Cutlass, 12gc, Impact (1)

Scimitar: A sword with a curved single edged blade often used by warriors of Vassa nations, it is a swift and dangerous weapon in those trained in its use.

Scimitar, 15gc, Quick


Broadsword: A wide-bladed weapon with a thick cross guard and a long handle.

Broadsword, 25gc, Heavy, Cleaving (2)

Great Sword: A long bladed sword, heavy enough that it has to be wielded with both hands to be used effectively. Used by a skilled warrior it is a fearsome weapon.

Great Sword, 35gc, Two Handed, Slow*, Cleaving (2), Impact (3)

Short Swords

Short Sword: A short-bladed weapon longer than a dagger but made for quick, one-handed thrusts in close combat.

Short Sword, 7gc, Quick, Small (2), Versatile


Spear: A pole weapon with a sharp bladed end, often balanced for very effective thrusts and throwing.

Spear, 4gc, Heavy, Throwing, Piercing (1)

Javelin: A smaller pole weapon with a long wooden haft with a barbed metal point, more often used for throwing. Some soldiers carry a small number of these weapons which they hurl at an approaching foe to soften them up before engaging in melee.

Javelin, 2gc, Throwing, Piercing (1), Small (3)

Pike: A particularly long pole arm, used primarily as a defence against cavalry and other infantry formations. They work most effectively when braced against the ground and provide a greater reach than most other infantry weapons.

Pike 8gc, Two Handed, Impact (1), Piercing (2) (NOTE: Count as Quick against a charging enemy and Slow against all others.)


Warhammer: Shaped much like the tool, warhammers have oversized heads and longer handles. In combat, they make short work of rigid defences, often punching holes straight through armour.

Warhammer, 10gc, Heavy, Impact (1)

Great Hammer: Simply a larger, heavier and more deadly version of the warhammer. Favoured by shock troops and siege breakers.

Great Hammer, 30gc, Two Handed, Slow*, Impact (4)

(I've had these lying around for a little while, but not had time to put them up here... Feel free to use them as you like and also please let me know if you think any of the weapons are under-powered or over the top.

I'm working on something similar for armour and shields too.)
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Re: Narrator's Toolkit- Weapon Qualities

Post by Bewildered Badger » Wed Dec 02, 2015 4:17 pm

A very comprehensive list, silverfox, though I think Short Swords and Broadswords should have their own categories. In Weaponskill terms they are different to normal Swords.

I'd also argue that Short Swords should have the Small Quality, probably Small (2). Quite apart from fitting the weapon concept, it allows players the chance to do Legolas impressions, bow and two Short Swords!

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