New Dice-pool System

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New Dice-pool System

Post by Phantomdoodler » Thu May 10, 2018 2:50 pm

Here is an attempt to create a new system from the rpg, based on a d6 dice pool. It is based on the Tales from the Loop/Mutant zero rigs.

When attempting a task, roll a number of 6 sided dice equal to your attribute and skill, plus any relevant traits.


Strength represents your character's physical prowess and endurance. It is reduced by damage.
Agility represents your character's speed and dexterity. It is reduced by fatigue.
Intellect represents your character's intelligence and knowledge. It is reduced by stress.
Presence represents your character's charisma and willpower. It is reduced by doubt.
Wits represents your character's awareness, intuition and common sense. It is reduced by confusion.


Acrobatics (Agility)
Crafting (Intellect)
Deceive (Presence)
Escape (Agility)
Fight (Strength)
Intimidate (Presence)
Investigate (Wits)
Medicine (Wits)
Might (Strength)
Occult (Intellect)
Perception (Wits)
Persuade (Presence)
Riding (Presence)
Sage (Intellect)
Shoot (Agility)
Stealth (Agility)
Survival (Strength)
Throw (Strength)
Tinkering (Intellect)
Vocation (Wits)

Both attribute and skills are rated from 1 to 5. If any die is a 6, the action succeeds. This test is modified, with bonus or penalty dice, based on the difficulty of the task:

Trivial: +3 dice
Simple: +2 dice
Easy: +1 die
Standard: -
Tricky: -1 die
Complicated: -2 dice
Challenging: -3 dice
Arduos: -4 dice
Nigh: -impossible -5 dice

Combat is a series of Fight, Throw or Shoot rolls, based on the weapon used, with targets resisting using Fight or Acrobatics. If the attacker manages to gain at least one success, they inflict the weapons Damage rating. Each further success rolled increases the damage by 1, or creates a stunt (disarm, movement etc).

Character Generation

Assign 15 points among your 5 Attributes, with no attribute greater than 5.

Assign 15 points to your skills, spending up to 3 points on each.

Select two Traits

Select a Role or Archetype

Select five Disciplines from your chosen Role or Archetype.
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