Campaign Play Advancement

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Campaign Play Advancement

Post by Vidynn » Thu May 03, 2018 9:28 pm

in our next LW series we want to use the Campaign Play Advancement Chart (Book of Kai Wisdom pg 64). As nothing in Heroes of Magnamund contradicts this, it should obviously be used for all types of characters...though I have my doubts that the designers meant it that way - some roles and archetypes should get Willpower earlier than +2 END and +1 CS? (e.g. the Brotherhood Mage?)

Also, the Advancement Chart next to it says Previous TWO skills are at +2“ on Rank 7 while Campaign Play characters have already THREE skills at that rank (same for Rank
9, text speaks of two skills at +3 and third skill at +2, but character has already FOUR skills).

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