The fall of the Kai Monastery

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The fall of the Kai Monastery

Post by PhilOfCalth » Tue Apr 03, 2018 3:29 pm

In the beginning of the game books (ie in Flight from the Dark MS 5050), The Kai Monastery Falls while 100% of all Kai in Sommerlund are there. The fall is a rapid thing, taking a number of hours, rather than months that one might expect during a siege. Given that the monastery has seen off attack before (MS 4219) how did this happen?

I invite you to brainstorm with me on how this happened. I'd like to list some retentive factors and discuss how such a swift and complete defeat could have take place:
  1. Archlord Zagarna commanded the previous assault on the kai monastery, and thus has first hand experience
  2. In MS 4950 the Archlord Zagarna created 3 fortresses overlooking Sommerlund
  3. In MS 4989 or soon after the kai send scouts into the Durncrags and beyond, discovering that the Archlord is preparing for war.
  4. During the attack the monastery would have been overcrouded
  5. The attack consisted mainly of airborn units, presumably zlanbeast and kraan bearing helghast, drakkar and giaks (anyone with a reprint of Flight from the Dark may be able to correct me here)
  6. Brotherhood of the Crystal Star also knew of the massing of troops behind the Durncrags and sent Banedon to warn the kai order, just too late.
  7. Vonotar betrayed the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star and presumably leaked secret knowledge to the enemy, even knowledge of a magical nature
  8. Something is present in the battle that allows the enemy to start tearing down extremely early in the siege and leaves the monastery as a smoking ruin
  9. Zagarna had possession of Doomstones of Agarash the Damned

Ghal Maraz
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Re: The fall of the Kai Monastery

Post by Ghal Maraz » Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:34 am

I think you've nailed most of them.

Only, it seems there weren't Helghasts assaulting the Monastery, and that could be easily explained by the fact that, Helghasts being so precious and rare, they weren't wasted as frontline warriors, but were kept as spies and infiltrators. The Kai Monastery was probably able to gather enough enchanted weapons to slay the few Helghasts Zagarna could deploy.

But there certainly were Vordaks as commanders.

Helghasts were still employed in the assault against Sommerlund nonetheless, and their intelligence gathering could have been helpful in determining the success of the assault. We know of their presence thanks both to the mini game-short story about Banedon in the Magnamund Companion and to the revised edition of Flight From the Dark.

Another reason is simply due to a sense of excessive safety: who would be able to directly attack the Monastery at the heart of Sommerlund, without any notice? The Darklords hadn't showed enough strength to try something like that at least since the Battle of Moytura. It was a one-in-a-million gamble and I guess no one was expecting Zagarna to be so bold and organized.
The Monastery wasn't ready for a direct attack.

And yes, Right-Handed Magic and contraptions. Without the support of the Brothers of the Crystal Star, the Kai Lords were quite vulnerable to magic.

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