Lone Wolf Percentile System

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Lone Wolf Percentile System

Post by Phantomdoodler » Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:16 pm

This is a system using percentiles rather than a d10.

Characters are defined by 3 attributes, each starting with a value of 3d10 plus 30, modified by a players archetype or role:

Combat Skill represents a characters skill with weapons, agility and reflexes. Can be reduced through injury.
Endurance represents a characters strength and toughness. Can be reduced through injury.
Willpower represents a characters mental strength, intelligence and charisma. Can be reduced through stress and fatigue.

Kai Lord: +5% CS, +5% End and +5% WP
Gunner of Bor: +5% CS, +10% End
Brother of the Crystal Star: +15% WP

To succeed at any Skill Test determine your Chance of Success, which is equal to one of your attributes, plus 10% for each Skill rank (max +30%) plus any bonuses from Traits. This is further modified by the Narrator:

Trivial: +30%
Simple: +20%
Easy: +10%
Standard: -
Difficult: -10%
Tricky: -20%
Complicated: -30%
Challenging: -40%
Arduos: -50%
Nigh-Impossible: -60%

If the result is a double (11,22,33 etc) and you succeed the result is a critical success. If the result is a double and you fail, the rest is a critical failure. Combat Tests are made using a 1d100, referring to the Combat Results Table, once a Combat Ratio has been determined, comparing the CS values of both of both combatants. The result determines how much many Temporary Endurance points must be deducted from each combatant. If reduced to zero Endurance, a combatant is unconscious and possibly dead. If the result of the d100 is a double, the combatants must also suffer a critical injury (11,22,33,44,55 for the hero, 66,77,88,99,00 for the target.

Combat Results Table
Use the table in the rulebook, substituting 0-1, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, 81-90, 91-100 for the Random Number, and -51 or greater, -41 to -50, -31 to -40, -21 to -30, -11 to -20, -1 to -10, 0,+1 to +10, +11 to +20, +21 to +30, +31 to +40, +41 to +50 and +51 or greater for the Combat Ratio. Multiply the result by 2 to determine how much Endurance is lost. Deduct the targets DEFENCE from any Endurance lost (min 1)

For example, a Kai Lord (CS 53%, End 45%) is facing a Mountain Giak (CS 45%, End 60%), so the Combat Ratio is +8. The player rolls a 66. The enemy loses 20 Endurance and takes a critical injury. The Kai Lord loses 2 Endurance.
Justin Wyatt

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