Multiple Dice idea

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Multiple Dice idea

Post by Phantomdoodler » Fri Jan 26, 2018 9:35 am

I am a huge fan of dice pool systems so here is an idea of bringing that to lone Wolf. For skill tests, instead of Bonuses, roll a number of d10s equal to your bonus from your characteristic, skill and/or traits. Then the Narrator modifiers the number of dice based on the difficulty:

Simple +2
Easy +1
Standard -
Difficult -1
Tricky -2
Complicated -3
Challenging -4
Arduos -5
Nigh-Impossible -6

Then use the highest result to determine the result. If your total pool is zero, roll two dice and take the lowest result. If your dice pool is lower, roll 1 additional dice for each point below 0, and take the lowest result.

For example, If a character is attempting a Tricky jump across a rooftop, and they have a Combat Skill of 17, Athletics +2 and the Athletic trait, the player would roll 3 dice in total.

The narrator then uses the result to determine how successful the attempt was. The higher the result, the better the outcome. Any result of 6 or more should be considered a success, however.
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