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Handouts and templates

Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:59 am
by Hermes Serpent
I'd really like to see some handouts/templates for documents that would be useful for WWC games.

I think that a letterhead for the Ministry of War, Ministry of Information, SOE and maybe the individual services (Army, Royal Navy and Royal AIr Force) would be very handy for making document handouts. An Enigma or Lorenz decrypt form (ticker tape cut and pasted to a form of some kind?) might be useful. Copies of military style briefing documents in from fillable format would be really useful.

The HPHLS do several packs for Call of Cthulhu games that feature material like this and it might be a market to tap for someone with the right layout skills. I'd be happy to pay say £5 or £10 for a such a pack of pdf forms.